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What method is best for gaining only length not girth


What method is best for gaining only length not girth

Hello Everyone,

I have been a silent follower of this site for 2 years and I wanted to ask what method should I use to gain ONLY length NOT girth.

Please give me some VALID information as I will be starting soon.

I’m 6.5” in length and 4.25” in girth.

I’d like to KEEP my current girth but gain at least 2 inches in LENGTH only.

I’m also try to AVOID the baseball bat I’ve been reading about.

Thanks for you time!

What?! You actually WANT a coat hanger dick? Are you planning to use it for sex, or are you planning on opening an abortion clinic? 8.5 x 4.25 would be a highly unusual shaped penis. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an example of a penis that long and thin.

Your length is slightly above average, and your girth is sub-par, and yet you want no more girth, and are worried about not being long enough?

Count me perplexed.

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You can skip jelqing from the newbie routine, or you can hang, however there are reports of base girth gains from hanging.

Just out of curiosity, why don’t you want any girth?

Yeah like MrB8, you can do only the stretches of the newbie or you can do the hanging..

But this is kinda weird man, if you are planning to pleasure women, you gotta know the girth is more important than lenght.

And your length is already above average, could be considered long or “almost long”. But, no offending, your girth is under average, it’s kinda thin

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Mid-term Goal : NBPEL 6.7"(17cm) / MSEG 5.5"(14cm) / FL 4.5" (11,5cm) / FG 4.5"(11,5cm)

The secret, and I don’t know why anyone would not want greater girth, is to hang without any fulcrum work. The addition of fulcrums in any routine will increase girth along with length gains. So the principle would be to hang but not allow any stress on the sides of the ligaments. Stretching the ligaments, especially in the SO position would put the least strain on the tunica except in the longitudinal direction. What my data shows is length growth is accompanied by girth growth when fulcrums are added to routine because not only do they stress the outer portions of the ligs but it also stresses the tunica which adds to its volume over the long run. Avoiding tunica stretch would be the key to avoiding girth growth. Now along with this you will want to avoid jelqing and any other exercise that will cause expansion of the tunica.

Now having said all that. I have to point out to you that surveys have shown a predominate preference of the female population in general to girthy men as opposed to pencil dicks. The advantage of a long dick is the ability to change up positions during intercourse and still be able to hit the G-Spot. Aside from that though, most women feel more filled with a girthy guy, obviously because it creates more friction. Depth is relatively unimportant past the G-Spot. This is why women can like rather short built men if they have the girth and they are long enough to hit the G-Spot with precision which is only 2” deep in the vagina. We like depth but to our women it’s different.

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Does jelquing affect more length than girth, or vice versa?

Originally Posted by CrimsonRedeemer
Does jelquing affect more length than girth, or vice versa?

Jelqing at low EQ is more associated with length and Jelqing at higher EQ (60% - 80%) correlates to girth gains.

The reason why I don’t wanna gain more girth is because I love my girth the way it is.
But if you guys insist, I wouldn’t mind going up to at least 5” in girth.

I don’t want to be all girth and no length.

Plus, I plan on self sucking when I get the length I want.

For those of you who said : ” Don’t you plan of pleasuring women?”

The simple answer : No.

The longer answer : I like my penis and I’ve grown fond of it. Even as a baby it was bigger than I was ^.^ .
You could say that me and my penis have come along way together.
Why should we have to change for someone else?
We’re changing for personal reasons.

Dude you are one strange sonofabiatchhh

I didn’t quite understood how you meant it.

Ooh .Now I got it

Glad you understand. Such phrases are used in the English language to show a sense of astonishment and usually admiration. Thus, it is a compliment in its own perverse way. On many forums these type of comments are followed by a smilie icon to counter the literal translation.

Alright, well the guy says something about self sucking and I noticed it after I have posted,that’s why I didn’t got it in the first place.

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