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What made you seek out this site


Hey Shaker,

I know I’ve posted the story before…I’ll go search it out….

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

I’ve been doing PE sporadically for a long while now and just stumbled into Thunder’s one day. There’s a lot of flaming and elitism on many forums and I guess the lack here enticed me to stay. That and my weird hobby of PE. :D

Having lost my virginity recently I also got a comment that I was pretty much the smallest she’d ever had. It was self induced to a degree and she wasn’t so rude as to say it was no good because it wasn’t as big as she liked them. My initial reaction was “What can I do to make it bigger?”. Then I thought a little and realized I wouldn’t ditch a girl over breast size (someone likes biguns 7:^) ), so if a woman can’t get past the size of my cock, she can find the door or my foot will aid in directing her towards it. I’ll keep on PE’ing though. It helps with health and sensitivity (which I lack) and it apparently taught me something.

I wish I’d known about this when I was as young as you Hobbes14 (assuming you are young)! I’m 29 now and feel like I’ve wasted a few years! In fact, I came across this forum 2 years ago and did nothing about it! Lacked motivation I guess, but what a waste of time!

I’ve never had any complaints about my size from girls, but I have, at times, shyed away from many an opportunity because I’ve doubted my size. Especially if I know the girl has been with a lot of guys or if she’s a good friend of other good friend of mine (for fear of my size being leaked out amongst my circle)! I guess you could say I’m an above average looking guy, so I get my fair share of attention from the opposite sex and it has been difficult to explain these actions to my mates in the past!

Those of you who’ve had this experience with a partner, where she’s commented on your size (or lack of) or told you you were the smallest she’s had: Is this her just blurting this information out, or are you probing for it out of your own insecurity? Like, ‘So have the other guys you’ve been with had big dicks?’ or ‘How does my dick compare to others you’ve had?’? If not, then it’s got to be one of the most confidence-shattering things anyone could say!

I was always intimidated by the other guys in high school. I went to a private boarding school, and had communal showering for my last three years. All the other guys were bigger than me, though that was flacid, and if the stats are true, I was average then. I looked for answers everywhere until I found, and then through that, I found this site. I lurked for a couple weeks, and then jumped on board. I haven’t looked back since. Well…. except to laugh.

11/2/05 5'8; 180 lbs, 35 waist BPEL-7.2, NBPEL- 6.0 EG- 5.0-midshaft There is the man I am, and the man I can be. Someday, they'll meet.

I never had a size issue, actually had one girl give me an “Oh my God” when she reached in my pants…that was great! :woot2:

I think I got all my newbie gains as a kid…I was horny as hell, but I was repressed due to religious dogma.

I figured if I didn’t cum…it wasn’t a sin, so it turns out I was “edging” for hours.

I think the rock hard erections I would keep for hours gave me all the gains that that amount of pressure would produce.

The longest stretch of time I went was 6 months…imagine, jerking off almost daily, for hours, without cumming for 6 months (not including wet dreams)!!!

That’s a kind of a self induced priapism, beside expanding my dick to 7.5 X 5.5, it gave me mad self control.

My first sexual experience lasted 2 hours, and then I chose to cum, it didn’t happen by accident.

I’m here because I’m just greedy, and want to see how far out into orbit I can send the Mrs. :)

Many years ago I was giving an ignorant friend some basic anatomy lessons on the internet, because he had just got his first girlfriend and wanted to know how to “do stuff to her”. So anyways, I knew a fuckload more than him even though it would be years til I so much as touched a girl.

We happened across some ads for penis enlargement and he said “wonder if it really works?”. I said I’ll give it a go and report back, out of pure interest.

I joined the old big penis board and started doing basic shit here and there and gained a bit. I told my friend about my progress for years, but he never took it up (or at least never told me about it) Oh well.

I guess if this event hadn’t sparked off the journey here then I would have eventually wound up here because I have my suspicions that I took it up “out of interest” for more deeply rooted psychological reasons than just academic interest…

I was at work bored off my ass, so I picked up a co-workers Ebony magazine. Think it was an Ebony magazine. Anyways, it talked about “jelqing” and “PE.”

So when I got home, I searched jelqing/PE and ended up here!

“I never had a size issue, actually had one girl give me an “Oh my God” when she reached in my pants.that was great!”

That reminds me of a stripper that once fished her hand up my shorts a couple of year’s back, she didn’t get her hand in too far up my knee length pant leg when she found what she was after. I wasn’t stiff, nor totally flaccid, so it was a pretty decent hang to the left in boxer shorts, but she seemed pleased with her exploratory and she grabbed it giving it a tug or two and then cupped my nutsack. When she pulled her hand out she said “Wow, that sucker must get huge (while holding up both her hands about a foot apart) ! Her next remarks were, “I’ve never done that before.” I cornily asked “And what would “that” be ?” She said “just walked up to a guy at a bar and stuck my hand in his pants and just grabbed a guy’s dick before.” I told her, “Yeah, I’m pretty easy like that about letting you girls pet the puppy dog.” She must’ve put out some decent PR, I still get an occasional “free friction” dance over at that place still.

I would’ve thought a girl working that type of job, would’ve at least sat on a few that were anxious and ready to go, that place does quite a bit of business and as far as the friction dances, they can do quite a few on any given night. Unfortunately I’m very picky about women (probably too picky), especially strippers, so that turned out to be a blown opportunity. Anyway, she was down on my list of the one’s that worked there at the time. At that time in my life I went there enough to get to know a few of the girls, I wouldn’t consider myself an every night regular, but friendly enough to get a hug and kiss on the cheek from what I considered my “a” list of those that were conversationalists. This place has 30-40 girls working a shift on a Friday or Saturday night and just recently moved from a smaller club to a larger facility this year.

And that reminds me of another strip club, they advertised “101 beautiful women”. The night we went over to that place, there was only 2-3 decent looking dancers working, we bought a drink and walked out of the place, probably wasn’t there 10 minutes tops. I said to my friends, “101 beautiful girls ?, I only saw 2 or 3, what about you guys ?, how many would you say ? They told me I was about right with the number of hotties, then I said to them “looks like they owe us 98 more.”.

Anyhow, those places make you feel like you’ve got a harem, even if it’s a shared community harem. It’s good for a common man, such as myself to at least be social and they aren’t bad people unless all they’re doing is trying to shake you down for whatever they can get out of you.

Originally Posted by Shaker

I wish I’d known about this when I was as young as you Hobbes14 (assuming you are young)! I’m 29 now and feel like I’ve wasted a few years! In fact, I came across this forum 2 years ago and did nothing about it!

Naw, I doubt I’ve that much on you. I’m 24 now and started around age 20. It was mainly a curiosity thing then so I never stuck with it. Like I said now I do it to help performance, though if I end up with a concealed weapon that’d be rather cool too. :)


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