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What lube do you use for PE


What lube do you use for PE

The KY imitation stuff from the grocery store sucks. I need something that stays wet for a long time. At least for the duration of my workout. I don’t want to keep squirting that stuff on my dick while I’m trying to exercise. So what is the preferred product?

For water based lubes like KY or the equivalent, the secret is to keep a bowl or warm water nearby to dip your finger tips into as the need arises. When you do this, you only need one application of the KY and the water makes it last for the duration of your workout.

I use olive oil, it doesn’t seem to loose it’s slip very fast and it really spreads easy, after the first time using it I had to use a bit less just because of how well it spreads.

Oh and it’s pretty cheap

I use baby oil

Cocoa Butter lotion from the dollar store.

K-Y with water . I have also used Vaseline and Vaseline Intensive Care lotion . All worked well .

I use baby oil as well too

I use baby oil and baby oil jell.

Corn Huskers Lotion and Swanson Premium Brand

Arginine Circulation Gel .

Originally Posted by Kegelman
Cocoa Butter lotion from the dollar store.

I don’t recommend cocoa because usually it contains alcohol.

when PE I feel it burns.

I use Vasseline, because it is warm also. cheap, and keep wet almost the whole session. Why do you think?

I put on a thin coat of vaseline and then some baby oil with vitamin E.

Plenty of vaseline.

Waterbased sex lube with a very practical dispenser, much like a soap dispenser. And of course I keep some hot water around.

I have also used vaseline, but it’s kind of messy and hard to remove.

Originally Posted by DingleDangle
Water based sex lube with a very practical dispenser, much like a soap dispenser. And of course I keep some hot water around.

I love that soap dispenser idea. Do you buy a tube of lube and fill the dispenser with it? I am pretty sure I have an extra liquid soap pump dispenser around. I am going to put it to use today. Great tip.

Astroglide is good

I use Astroglide with water on the side. A fairly small amount—perhaps a teaspoonful—lasts through a 30 minute jelqing session, but I do need to dip into the water every few minutes to keep the Astroglide from getting too sticky. I’ve also used cocoa butter with more or less the same process and it’s works well also. Baby oil is just too messy, as far as I’m concerned. There are several lubes that are specifically marketed for masturbation, like “Boy Butter.” I wonder if anyone here has tried some of these and would offer an opinion on their PE merits (or whack off merits for that matter).

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