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What lube do you use for PE


Originally Posted by deep girlfriend

I need something that stays wet for a long time.

I am sure there are a lot of good ones out there and I have tried at least 10 of them and the one that lasted the longest is called Lube DeLuxe Gel by ForPlay.

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"Store brand” KY and water. Cleans up fast, and leaves no mess.

Lux skincare moisturising lotion

Makes the skin feel nice and soft afterwards and it lasts the whole workout.

Don’t you guys wish you were uncircumcised?


I’m uncircumcised and I use cocoa butter as lube. Can’t say I’ve ever experienced any burning sensations from it. Smells quite nice too.

Olive oil!! Thanks cheebaman

I use mineral oil. Not for any particular reason, but it was the only thing laying around that I could use as lube. It works pretty well and easily lasts through a whole session.

Equate petroleum jelly or albolene. Both are more viscous and slippery than oils, which I’ll use in a pinch. Water-base products don’t do it for me.

Waterbased lube (KY) with water works fine for me.


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