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What lube do you prefer


What lube do you prefer

I’m very new, only done 3 workouts so far. Usually I use vaseline or baby oil to jack off, but I usually only jack off 2 days per week (though I do it multiple times on those days). So the cleanup factor isn’t a big deal. But now that I am working out 2 on 1 off, I need to clean up a lot more, and let’s face it it is really annoying to clean up oil based stuff. So what lube do you use?

KY jelly. Water based, easy to wash off, good for jelqing.

Vaseline. Even though it’s a bitch to clean off

WET JO Oil formula is great.
Gun oil kicks
moist does a great job.

I sell a lot of lubes, so I get to try them all out.

I rub palmer’s stretch mark cream in at night, after a day of PE. Healing Scars.

In the end, though, whatever is available for jacking off is fine.

Oh, the warming lubes are good, but can cause irritation in her or your glans.

I used to used vitamin E oil for jelqing until I realised it would sting inside the glans whenever it came into contact with the oil. So I switched to vaseline. Currently looking for something more cleaning friendly.

Albolene cleans up with water and it’s what I use to pump with.

best thing I have found for jelqing so far is
soap in the shower.

Otherwise I reccommend a lube that is either oil or silicone based.
Silicone is really expensive. So much that I only grabbed one from the store, it’s good though. You also need to use shampoo to wash off Silicone.

Water based lubes are great for sex. GO for lighter colours as they stain less. The problem with water based lubes is that they can go Gummy very easily.

Vaseline is by far the hardest to clean up, but it does stay quite warm and can protect skin.

Johnson’s baby oil is my favorite. I also like coconut oil ( I’m from the philippines ).

None, jelq dry.

Baby oil is good, or another oil based lubricant.

I use baby oil, but then I’ve got no privacy issues to I can walk around the house naked if I want, and tend to do my routines in the lounge (as it’s warm and comfortable).

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I use cocoa butter body lotion. Any moisturiser is ok. You should really try it! I found with baby oil etc that its to thin. With moisturiser you get a really good controlled movement. I was ready to give up on wet jelqing before I tried it!

I use almond oil. I think it’s the most natural lube.

But sometimes I prefer dry jelq.

Baby oil with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. I’ve had no allergy problems with it so far although it can be a little difficult to wash off thoroughly without hot water.

I use the hot water from my initial warmup to later wash off the baby oil. I use the same towel for both purposes.

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I use baby oil, I find you have to grip a little hard to keep control and clean up easy just wipe with a towel, I also use and infrared lamp for warm up.

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