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What I've learned...

What I've learned...

As most may know me here about a year ago I stretched my penis downward and it ‘popped.’ It scared the hell out of me. Later in the week I tried to masturbate and actually came while being soft. That freaked me out more! I thought I ruined it for life. Then finally my erection for the most part improved and I had sex, unfortunately all I could think about was this thing better stay hard! And guess what, it didn’t. Horrible sex it was I can admit. Then I went on a downward spiral thinking I did something wrong to my penis, nobody else in the world has popped their penis, why did I have to stretch that hard! I didn’t even feel any pain, just wasn’t fair.

So I looked into ED, first I thought I had a penile fracture its the only that would ‘pop’ down there. Sometimes I’d have a good erection sometimes not. Was it in my head? I don’t know. During this time I was STRESSED out over a girl as well. And with depression, comes less or practically no nocturnal erections (its true, depression reduces morning/night erections). But I didn’t know this fact yet, and thought I really did something physical to my penis. Onward and onward I went into a downward spiral.

Then not until a year later, I read this thing called a lig pop on some forums. It sounded like hope, it does nothing harmful. But! I remember not getting erections after I popped it. So what happened? So I still got more freaked out, my life is over, sex life is over aka life is over.

I was getting mad, this can’t be I did not damage my penis, I couldn’t have. I went to a physician finally he said everything’s fine its in my head. But that wasn’t good enough I went to an actually urologist, and he actually confirmed it was a ligament! And he said if I did anything wrong, it heals, the penis heals like anything else. Hope!

So maybe (if) I did do damage, its healed now, and the anxiety from horrible sex, the pop sound, and lack of erection still in my head was what was keeping erection non existent or atleast the maintaing of one. Of course during this time I was getting mad (I don’t recommend) and started stretching my penis again, to prove there’s nothing wrong with stretching it. But unfortunately stretched too much and my glans went numb! Great from one non problem to a real problem. But I actually feel the feeling coming back!! And that is not because I severed a nerve, to sever your nerve you need to perform surgery on it or literally break it in half. What you can do is bruise the nerve, and if you keep bruising it, it will be sem-permanent. What’s semi-permanent? As long as you keep brutalizing your dick, it won’t heal, once you leave it alone it will start to heal. So if you have numb glans from being a little bit too rough on your penis, leave it alone. You’re technically making something temporary as permanent, until you stop and let it heal. Oh and if you ever do have numbness of the penis, you’re going to love it when that feeling is back, trust me.

Now basically as I see it, I will never stretch my penis again. I have caused myself too much horror, whether physical or mental. Hell just that idea that ‘maybe’ stretching could give me ED, would wreak havoc on my anxiety. So the best thing to do for me is nothing.

So what have I learned? Really what happened is this: I remember before this moment I stretched my penis when I was younger maybe too much. And I had no erection practically limp, and I was like wow the doc was right! I had a teacher/doc who said you could stretch it but erections would be softer because of space created by stretching it. So I stopped it ‘forever.’ So I left it alone did some kegels and wahlah my penis was back to normal. I didn’t even know what ED was then! Then one day few years later, I said why did I stop? Couldn’t find a reason and stretched it again. Too much this time, or atleast in the wrong direction this would be first time me stretching it down. And it fatefully ‘popped’! Freaked me out never happened before. But I had no erections after that what happened? I thought I broke it forever but no. What happened was I stretched it too much overworking it, so it went limp like it did so many years ago. But unfortunately this time it was accompanied by a POP! So I figured something musta happened! But it was harmless, I still wish I could take back that day or days of stretching it again, I would I really but I can’t. And for the sake of anxiety, my mental health, my erections, and women, I need to put this behind me, and tell myself that I have a working penis ready to fuck. Because I really do.

All doctors I have spoke to have said that its very hard to damage the penis flaccidly. Even one doctor said venous leaks can’t even be caused by stretching. My urologist said its really durable and made to stand a lot. I was really surprised that its made to be so rugged. But now that I think about it, it has no choice but to be that way thanks to evolution. The penis is the very thing that creates a future, and if anyone could damage their penis by stretching it, that person would never reproduce. So technically speaking we all have years of penis’s that are really strong and survived god knows what brutality they’ve been through when urology was an unknown science.

All in all, I personally do believe it is possible to get ED from PE’ing, or from being nasty to your penis. However I find it to be temporary. Like my urologist said, even if it was damaged it heals like anything else with the body. But he still doesn’t think I damaged it. So the penis can stand a lot. I think my penis is on its way to full recovery, and my mind as well. Like I said before I wish I never did pull that hard, so I wouldnt have this mental damage. But its like anything else, I did do it, and I need to let it go. And once I can go though a day without ever thinking about it. I can guarantee myself I will have the hardest hard on ever.

So good luck everyone. And if you think you’ve damaged your penis. Give it rest! And if its affecting your mind, see a doctor right away! Just my two cents. Everything really will be ok, don’t let it get to you like it did me. Be safe!

I hope lots of people here read that. :)

Your brain is the most powerful sex organ you have.

Yeah, that was a good read man. Gives me hope that my dick can actually withstand what I’m doing to it :P . Thankyou evolution!

Gained 1 inch length finally! the first big step in my PE time :D

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Those were some fucking awesome two cents, thanks a lot refresh9. I’m sorry you had to go through so much for that, I really am. I for one know what it’s like thinking you’re damaged down there, when it’s all actually in your head. My best wishes to you.

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Indeed a very good article, nice work.

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A warning to all over zealous penis exercisers

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This should be required reading. Thanks refresh!

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I’m glad you fellas enjoyed it. And further more on the numbness, I got it once, and feeling came back in a week great feeling. Then (cuz i’m an idiot) I stretched it again, aggressively, it went away didn’t come back til the 4th week! Which is what it is right now. So the penis does needs its time of rest. I’ve been masturbating everyday this week, and just today I noticed my erections aren’t too great, but probably from not being into the porn I was watching and just ‘going through the motions’. Libido has a lot to do with erections, and if you’re sitting there bored not really thinking about sex, then you’re like hmm maybe i’ll masturbate, then chances are you won’t have a superb erection. But if you’re sittin there like omg I need to fuck or masturbate! Then chances are you’ll have a better erection.

It’s funny too some things I have noticed, like I remmeber staring at my penis (while erect) like ‘oh please don’t go down, if you go down that means you’re broken’… and wam down it goes bringing anxiety with it. But if I think about something that turned me on today I’ll stay hard for the most part. Problem is I can still kinda feel that ‘you better stay hard’ thoughts rumbling in the back of my head. I need a few more masturbation sessions where I am totally in the mood and I just trust myself that my penis won’t go down and chances are it won’t. And that will probably bring back my confidence. If anyone is the type like me, who goes over and over things in the past to try to ‘fix’ them you know what I mean. Best thing to do is forget them, as hard as it may be, and the anxiety disappears. Anxiety has a lot to with comparative topics. Such as, I sucked at sex last time, I’m going to suck again. But if you forget it entirely, you will probably be ok. Furthermore, think how great you are at sex, that will surely help.

Honestly, again like a damn broken record, and I’d like to slap myself for being this way, but I really do wish I never stretched it downward so hard. I always heard stretch as far as you can as long as you feel no pain, and I felt none so. But that POP is what started all this. It’s just tough to let go, hell I have a hard time letting go of past situations with girls, and that will just effect your life. This situation, is about the penis, and affects the penis when thought about. I still honestly think my penis is a few degrees lower on erection angle than it used to be, but nothing I can do about it, ugh. I still somehow in my mind think I’ve done wrong to my penis, but the biggest problems I ever hear come from PE are jelqing, or hanging for like minutes on end. I was only pulling for like 12 seconds, might have been intense pulling but wasn’t for that long. And I never really did it much, never made the stuff a ritual.

But anyway, I honestly have no choice, but to put this behind me, yeah wish I never did it, wait let me say that for my very last time to get it out : FUCK I WISH NEVER FUCKING PULLED MY PENIS SO HARD!!! …….but I did and good bye to the thought of the pop. I now have to reinstruct my thought processes about how amazing a woman looks and I want to have sex with her, more so than, damn my penis better stay hard while i’m having sex with her and worrying that its going down. Hell even sometimes I’ll check my penis while masturbating like a science experiment squeezing it a little bit to see if its hard. The only problem with this ‘experiment’ is that if it doesn’t feel 100% hard, I’m going to think I damaged it, its a mental disaster waiting to happen. I am now going to try to leave my penis alone forever. Waiting at least another week to masturbate again. I am going to masturbate only on weekends as an aid to fix any ‘healing’ that may be need to be done with my penis. I remember little bit more than a year ago. I used to wake up with a hard on, try to go to the bathroom, couldn’t, sat at the computer, finally went away and piss. Other times I’d try to go change, and I’d have to close my pants on it erect in the up position. I dream of that happening again. I haven’t had a morning erection in awhile, but I have been mean to my penis, and not very mentally clear. I’m sure few months down the line, with a clearer mind, and no abuse to my penis, everything should be gravy.

And unfortunately I will probably never be lurking around these sites anymore, soon anyway. It will help with the mind, instead of being so focused on it. Out of sight, out of mind. Good luck to you all. I’m sure others have done much worse damage to their penis and its still working fine. And here I am worrying about a little too much stretching. Be safe, and godspeed.

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