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What is your WHY?


What is your WHY?

In order for one to have a successful PE career, we all know that he has to be consistent…
And while most of us are aware of that, it still remains probably the biggest issue.

So, how do we battle our PE inconsistencies? Easy - motivation. Motivation is the single biggest
weapon one can have if trying to succeed (in pretty much anything). So, what seems to be the
problem? We know the cause, we know how to fix it - yet I would suggest that at least 1 in every
10 PE-ers quits before seeing any results.

Can we than all agree that the most common PE setback is lack of motivation? That’s pretty sad
considering that a lot of us were willing to sell an arm or a leg for an extra inch before finding out
that there is a free and an effective way to enlarge one’s penis.

It seems that once we start we become overly motivated, and after a while, we get demotivated.
And when we get demotivated, most of us slowly but steadily start to loose consistency and
eventually quit. And awhile after we quit, we start to miss PE, and restart our routines, and so we
enter this infinite loop of an on-and-off relationship with PE. There is probably a big correlation
between the size of this motivational amplitude and age - younger guys, like me, tend to get more
excited more quickly, and demotivated more suddenly than the older, more experienced individuals.

Still, I believe there is a solution. People think that setting goals will help them, but it usually doesn’t
work as much as they hope for. What you need is something to make you enjoy the trip, not hope
for the destination. You need a WHY! And without having a WHY, you pretty much ensure your
eventual failure.

So - I ask you… do you have a WHY? If so, what is it?

Here are mine:
- Because I can do better
- So I can brag to other PE-ers
- So I can see her confused face when she realizes I became bigger
- Because I wish to spread the word, and have something to show as proof
- Because without it, I suffer from a bad case of ED

This is a great way of looking at PE! I have always thought of things in terms of goals, but this also makes a lot of sense.

So I can have the satisfaction of having a big dick
So I can see the reaction on her face when I finally lose my virginity
So I can (hopefully) get increased attention from females when they notice my bulge.

Well, my routine is mostly just maintenance these days, so I don’t have to be super consistent. But why do I keep Doing PE?

One of my martial arts teachers told me never to learn from a teacher who did not still practice what he preached. So if I’m going to keep passing on the knowledge of PE that I’ve gained over the years, I have to keep doing it! :)

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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A fat 7 inch flaccid will shock anyone, that’s why.

Originally Posted by Deca Durabolin

10 PE-ers quits before seeing any results.

I did not quit I do not have any Privacy to do it.

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.

I’m guessing that’s more of an excuse than an actual reason.

What about stealth PE?

To see the reactions of girls faces when they see my penis for the first time.

[BPEL Length 8.5] [NBPEL 8.0 - 8.5 Depending on EQ!] [BEG- 7.2] [MIDSHAFT 6.4/5] [GLANS- 6.1]

PE for life!

I don’t lack motivation, I lack time.

Start: 5.75 inch BPEL 4.75 inch girth BSEG (Nov 1 2007)

Current: 7.4 inch BPEL 5.4 inch MSEG 5.75 inch BSEG (Oct 24 2009)

Goal: 7 inch NBPEL 5.5 inch EG=> New Goal: 7.75 inch BPEL 5.75 MSEG

Originally Posted by fat_cock
I did not quit I do not have any Privacy to do it.

Your lack of motivation might be attributed to the fact that you are pretty much already there. Just sayin’

Go use that thing.

9/10: BPEL 6.0" / MSEG 5.0" / BEG 5.5"

Now: BPEL 6.75" / MSEG 5.25"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" / MSEG 5.5" ||8===D~·.؁

I want a huge cock that:

- Feels heavy in my hands

- Strikes fear into the hearts of men

- Strikes curiosity and desire into the hearts of women

- and ultimately to see her reaction before, during and after sex

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Living, knowing the fact that I can make my penis bigger and not doing anything about it would make me feel uneasy and restless. There were 2 or 3 occasions in which I lacked motivation, got tired and thought to myself “Should I simply quit and continue my life with current size?”, but then that feeling of restlessness came over me after realizing I can actually do something to have 7.5”x5.75”. At this point I’m 100% sure that I’ll do PE until I reach my goal and highly likely for years (or decades) after that from fear of losing gains. I want that 7.5”x5.75” and I’m going to get there, damn it! (:

Also, entering any room and knowing that there’s 90% or even 95% chance that I’m bigger than all present males is empowering and a real ego stroker. Oh, and let’s not forget better feeling for both my girlfriend and myself during sex. I just can’t leave myself at 5.1” of girth knowing that I can get at least additional 0.5”.

I hope someday I’ll become a shower instead of grower. The list of reasons goes on.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I want to feel good about myself.

If others will sneak a peek on the gym’s shower, or if my girlfriend will climb the walls every time we have sex, or if people will stare my bulge, it’s totally their problem.

Start: BPEL 5.3 4.2 EG [2010 Sep 11]

Now: (BPFSL 6.75) BPEL 6.5 x 5.0 EG (Newbie Routine) [2011 Jan 04]

Goal: NPEL 7.0 x 6.5 EG

Originally Posted by Pastor Sirveks
Your lack of motivation might be attributed to the fact that you are pretty much already there. Just sayin’

Go use that thing.

Nope the place I am at is only 500sq feet.
1br-1bath shared with 2 others

That is why I am moving up to Washington with my brother, as I will have time to do PE while he is at work.

[9/2010] 7*6 NBPEL/8*6 BPEL pic's Not PEing anymore. (as of Nov '10)

[12/2011] 7.37" NBPEL * 6.4"

[1/2013] Current stats:7.37 NBPEL * 6.5.

Growing up I have always wanted a bigger penis. It is a weird obsession of mine.

My 6 months of PE journey has been very rough. When I first started, I WANTED TOO MUCH. I was too eager to do way too much than what my body can handle. It was my fault that I wasn’t tuned into my PI. I learned it the hard way and changed up my routine so I can both heal and progress in a turtle speed.

If you have read my thread under “Fitness”, you will know that I have been battling a bad liver disease for the last few years. The onset of the disease has reduce almost 17% of my body weight (I went from 150lbs to 122lbs throughout the course). It wasn’t until the spring of this year that I decided to REFUSE to feel like a “victim”. It was a life changing experience for me. Since my acknowledgment and acceptance of my lifelong liver problem, I started to pay more attention to my body.

I made two goals back in May. First, I want to gain weight from 122lb to 135lbs by the end of this year. This may sound very easy for some of you, but if you know anyone with chronic hepatitis, this is an extremely difficult thing to do. I completed changed my diet and cooked almost EVERY SINGLE MEAL for myself. I don’t consume much wheat, not much artificial sugar, no dairy.. so there are limited things I can eat out. I also started weight training in couple months ago, and I am currently at 132-133lbs :-) This 10lbs are 95% lean muscle (fat is hard to be absorbed when liver is inflamed). I look so much better and I feel so much more confident right now.

My second goal is to go from just a bit under 6” to 7.5” (19cm) in BPEL. This is actually a much harder goal for me. I started my newbie routine back in May (6 months ago). I gained about 1/4”. Very minimal. Definitely not a rosy newbie gains you often read on here. I have expressed my frustration with my slow gains, and I have completely changed up my routine to see if my new approach would give me a better result.

I think if I had gained 1/2” in my first 3 months (like a lot of PE’ers did), I would have been so thrilled and excited for PE. However, my gain was so minimal and I incurred a couple injuries from PE. This doesn’t stop me. Now I do PE out of frustration and determination. The more I don’t achieve my PE gain, the more I want to persist. I have never missed my routine (in fact I often over did it) in my last 6 months. The only reason I am sticking to PE is that I HATE GIVING UP. I have battled so hard with a life threatening disease and if I can’t handle the obstacle from PE, then what good am I anyway?

I used to give up before achieving my goals. Not anymore. My health has taught me a lesson to not ever give up.

I hope some of us “hard/slow gainers” can stay persistent.

Ok, now excuse me, I gotta go sleep so my unit is well rested for tomorrow morning’s session (can’t wait.. )

Notorious "Hardgainer". No Gain in 4 Years! Check out my "Blog" under Profile.

(starting: Jun 2007) 5.75" BPEL x 5" EG / (Sept 11, 2011) 6.375" BPEL x 5.125" EG / (July 1st, 2014) 6.25" BPEL x 5.125" EG (lost a bit of size)


To grow an enormous cock.
To get my flaccid from 6.5 to 7.25
To have my EQ at 10 whenever I need it.
To be the best for me and my wife.

Pretty simple reasons.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!


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