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What is this product

What is this product

Lead rings?

Are they just a penis ring to keep your erection?

Can someone just post a link on here to some website where they sell good “lead rings”

I heard that lead rings are good to be used as a ADS..

Thank you guys!


Tell us where you heard about lead rings in PE, as we may be able to clarify what was intended ?
Some PE-ers use golf weights for hanging. I think some of them are lead. Search on Golf weights in these forums; I think there are diagrams in some threads showing how to wrap and hang with them.

I wouldn’t wear a lead cockring next to my skin, because lead is poisonous. I would also expect it to be too soft to hold its shape.

If you like the fat donut type cockrings, try these:…talog/index.php

There is some advocacy among Thunders members for cockrings, as a means of keeping the cock pumped for longer, a bit like clamping, but I think it is more of an adjunct than a PE technique in itself.


I heard that you can wear lead rings as a ADS

Like you wear it all day and it stretches your penis.

Is that what lead rings are for?

Increase length? Girth?

Whats the deal?


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