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What is This? Is it Ballooning?

What is This? Is it Ballooning?

Okay I was edging a bit tonight and I had a near 100% erection. I did a reverse kegel really hard and my dick ballooned up. I held to kegel and kept pushing harder and harder and my dick kept getting bigger (veins became HUGE!) and I felt an extreme amount of pressure (like my dick was going to explode soon) so I released. Is that what I am supposed to be doing when I balloon? Hell if anything it brings clamping to mind. I have never done it, but I would imagine that’s what my dick would look like. If I were to hold it for a long time would it be a girth workout?

Well, if you actually think your penis might explode you should back off a little. But otherwise, yeah, that sounds pretty close to what should happen. The kegel forces blood into your penis and stops if from coming out, much like clamping. I like to think that it is safer because you are using a muscle designed for that purpose, rather than a hand (or piece of machinery) which could easily apply to much pressure. Be on the lookout for negative PIs to avoid injury, but if you don’t have any spotting/blotching/pain/etc then I’d say you are doing it just right.

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I know what ballooning is but I never thought that this is what he meant by an extreme reverse kegel. That shit is extreme indeed.

I THINK I will be alright I backed off as soon as my dick started feeling that pressure. I don’t want to pop my penis!

I think I will give that ballooning thread another read because now that I know how to make it happen maybe I can actually balloon now instead of failing at it like I always have.

I have noticed the same thing but not to the extent you are describing. When I reverse kegel and hold that kegel my erection tends to get thicker and longer. When I perform a regular kegel my erection gets ridiculously hard and retracts slightly, I loose about 1/2” to 3/4” in length. How much does your erection size increase when you reverse kegel? I haven’t tried to hold a reverse kegel for a very long time, how long did you hold it for?

Well Damien you have to reverse kegel really hard and hold it for a few seconds. The dick swells up, veins become huge and then a strange ass pressure feeling gets inside your penis and then that’s when you shut off the juice. It all depends on how aroused I am. If I do it when I am close to PONR It will only take 2-3 seconds but if I am just regularly beating it it will take a bit longer and it won’t get as big and the pressure feeling doesn’t come.

I find that if I do a regular kegel after the super reverse kegel the swelling goes away immediately. I think that if I were to kegel with all my might something else would happen. I may try it tonight after work and see. Gotta make sure to not let my wiener swell up too much before kegeling I don’t wanna pop a vein.

I also find it helps to incorporate your abs into it. I am standing when I do it too. I could probably do it sitting down though.

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