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What is the proper way to measure your penis

What is the proper way to measure your penis

I see bone pressed erection. I feel like the fleshy part before I hit the bone adds like an extra half inch, so do you actually press to the bone. If I do it on the side it is hard to know where to start. Any advice?

Your BPEL should be taken along the top of the shaft with a rigid ruler. Press it all the way to your pubis, this way everyone has a point of comparison that excludes fitness. Do not measure along the side, your measurement will be artificially long. The so-called fat pad on top of your pubis, just above the base of your shaft can be compressed if you push hard enough; it shouldn’t rob you of a half inch. So down the bone, on top of the penis for BPEL.

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Thanks, don’t have a rigid ruler, but I have a tape measure. I guess I could use a pen mark it and then measure it. So the fatty part is adding a little bit. What is the correct way to measure girth. In the middle I’m really fat but not at the bottom like an hourglass

Girth is trickier.

Some take three measurements, one below the glans, one mid-shaft, and one at the base and average them. Others measure the mid-shaft and leave it at that.

Take a string or tape measure and lightly wrap it around and measure the points that touch or overlap. No need to add pressure, the measure should be of the full expansion.

don’t have a rigid ruler

You can probably get a cheap plastic or wood 12” ruler at a dollar store.

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Bone pressed is the way to go. I use an old ruler that even has a 1/4 of material before the measurement even starts. Kind of an added bonus since it makes me work harder.

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