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What is the longest you have gone until making your first gains

What is the longest you have gone until making your first gains

I’ve been PEing with the newbie routine for about a month and a half now with no gains. However, my EQ has gotten a lot better.

I was just wondering how long some of you have gone until your first gains since starting PE. So, how long? Did you change anything about your routine before making your first gains or did you just stay the course until gains were finally made?

OK, I’ll answer. I made zero gains with the newbie routine. But EQ, like yours, did get better.

So I guess you and I are the same.

The newbie routine to me is more of a conditioning routine so that injury doesn’t occur at weak points when you do more advanced, higher pressure workouts.

If you do an advanced workout without conditioning through the newbie routine, all the pressure will build, and at the weak points and you’ll get injured. If you condition ALL of the tissue with the newbie routine, then the more advanced workouts pressure that is evenly spread throughout the tissue, does equal work all around the tissue. Allowing you to do the hard workouts that lead to gains, without sudden localized injury.

I’d say you may be ready for some more advanced things. Just go slow.

I didn’t get my first gains until I started doing three 10-minute ballooning sets for the last 3 weeks. I just added a clamp for them late last week. Still, always doing the newbie routine and only working 4 days a week. 2on, 1off, 2on, 2off. (Coincides with my gym workout).

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

The newbie routine isn’t really for newbies only; it’s a basic routine. You have to increase slightly time and intensity to your routine, week after week, while your PI’s are good.

Yours PI’s are good, and that’s a good sign; 6 weeks are not enough to see real gains for most of PEers, it seems. Go for another six weeks, and likely you’ll see some gains.

Keep us updated and good work! :)

Marinera, I’ve read your avatar many times throughout this forum. I literally laugh out loud every time I see it! Kudos

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

Glad to make you smile, Sir :) .

I’m around 3 weeks into PE and have already noticed that my flaccid has increased in size both length and girth but mainly girth. My Erect state has yet to gain but it is still early days. I have also noticed my EQ increase.

To your question, I would stick to the same routine until you see some concrete gains in the erect state and as tallheart said increase intensity slightly over a few weeks of PE.

All in all, every individual is different and there unit will respond differently to how everyone Else’s does, I am still working out my ‘PE threshold’ so to speak and learning how my own unit will respond. I am sure you understand this as your have been doing PE for double the time I have.

Happy PE’ing

|| Joined 18/1/09. || Started first real routine 28/7/11 || Current BPEL: 16.1 cm. 6.33" ||

|| Short Term Goal: "Be Consistent" || Long Term: "Cure Premature Ejaculation" ||

|| My Journey :-pulse:

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