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What is the horse routine

What is the horse routine

I was wondering what exactly the horse routine is, I’ve seen a few people post about about it and I was curious to how it is performed

As slack said, the horse squeezes are not for newbies. Let me say that again HORSE SQUEEZES ARE NOT FOR NEWBIES.

You can and probably will get hurt which puts the brakes on any and all PE until you heal. Be patient, stick with the newbie routine until you have 3 months under your belt, then start looking at alternative exercises.

Thunder, you should be ashamed of yourself, he just freakin joined. He can search later.

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Originally Posted by sunshinekid
Thunder, you should be ashamed of yourself, he just freakin joined. He can search later.

He promised us yesterday he would be reading up…

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Horses are the ONLY exercise I ever did that caused me long-term “damage.” I had two skunk stripes running down the ventral side of my cock, on both sides of my urethra, for about two years before they faded. They are effective, but do them only with extreme caution, and very gradually.




I had to go fairly deep into the search results to find any relevant threads. I was looking for the same thing myself.

Here are a couple of links:
Horse 440 Squeezes
Beware of Horse
A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Hope that was helpful. :rolleyes:

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I feel like an asshole guys.thanks

Well I did read up.. But that’s not enough for me. I like asking the questions and getting varying responses. If this is a newbie forum aren’t I supposed to ask questions? What is the newbie forum for if I can’t ask typical newbie questions? I will not ask questions anymore unless it is something that I cannot find as I search the forums. I saw someone post something the other day about how there are all these members on this site and a large majority do not post anything.they also said something like don’t be shy and post questions, etc. Should I be one of those people who don’t participate in posting forums? That would not be expressing pride in this website if I did not post anything regardless of how rhetorical or repetitive the questions may be.. I apologize though. I will do more “homework” and follow the forum guidelines more efficiently.

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