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What is the correct way to jelq?

What is the correct way to jelq?

I see in some threads that say you’re supposed to do it with a 50% erection, but other say at least 70%. I personally start out flaccid until my penis gets pumped but it is usually not that erect, just thicker. Does it mean that I am doing it right? I just started doing PE 2 weeks ago so I’m still new at this.

Depends if you want length or girth. About 60% to 70% should be a good balance between the two I think. The lower the erection, the more likely to affect length and so forth.

Personally I get fully erect then let it fade to about 70% or so and then start jelqing. Since you’re new I would definitely recommend staying away from very high erections during jelqing, because the pressure is usually too much, and just causes an injury. Although jelqing flaccid is rather ineffective I think, especially for girth.

I’ve had success with flaccid jelqing (0-20% level) for length :)

But try to jelq at 50% to gain both in length and girth.

I’d say between 50 and 70% erect, not “at least” 70% erect. This is especially true if you are beginner and don’t know how your dick will respond because 70% may turn into 90% without you realizing it and then you are dealing with over-pressure problems.

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