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What is the best way to increase girth without damage your penis


I’m going to go with the newbie this time.

I’ve been reading here for 5 years, and I still don’t think PE works for increasing your girth. However, I know for sure that length is possible to obtain and that it is permanent as well - and as you said robbie, it has been proven by test results. As for girth, I think it sounds pretty accurate that it is an illusion caused by damage, and that it will disappear after the day you quit PE. It has yet to be proven by doctors, and I know many hear have made fantastic “girth gains”, but I haven’t seen or heard about anyone that has and then quit PE for 10 years to see what happens. If I made big girth gains, I wouldn’t quit either, I would be afraid of losing them, and continue.

I wish every day that I was born with a 5 BPEL x 6EG dick instead of my current 7.7 x 4.6. I could then turn it into a monster cock, but I will always be trapped with this pencil.

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

Depressing reply Teninch, I cannot understand on a scientific level how… elongation is possible without thickening being possible also. If we assume length gains occur as a result of tissue deformation from prelonged periods of stress…

Hey robbie, I was skeptical too, even more than you are! I didn’t consider “before - after” pics as convincing, because I knew that pictures could be modified. So there was no one who could convince me that PE works, other then myself. On the other hand, there was no reason to reject it without giving it a try.

I was very afraid of injuring myself, too. I read for a couple of month the posts on this Forum before I decided to try it safely. After 10 months of PE (with fairly good gains), safety is still my top priority and it will always be. I could say that in this respect PE is similar to body building: one may get bad injuries (tendon / muscle ruptures, broken bones etc.) if doesn’t follow safety rules, but there is a wide range of safe workout wich makes a healthier body. PE could lead to injuries too if done carelessly, in excess and with too high intensity. For 100.000 people who do PE safely, there will always be a few penis acrobats who test the limits of safety and get injured. You don’t have to be one of them!

Don’t expect approval from the medical community! No one is willing to fund medical research in a domain where there can be no profit! Who is interested to pay for research just to conclude that each guy can enlarge his penis for free, using simple routines doable at home? The only research was for extenders/pumps which bring profit by selling them. There is no financial motivation to research in manual PE methods.
Without large scale research done, no doctor will take the risk of advising for PE as long as there can be injuries (even if at a rate of 1/10.000).

“… pe exercise give you an illusion of gain cause the penis become bigger cause is injuried from the continue stimulation …” - I cannot comment on this because I’m laughing too loud :D

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
Depressing reply Teninch, I cannot understand on a scientific level how… elongation is possible without thickening being possible also. If we assume length gains occur as a result of tissue deformation from prelonged periods of stress…

Yeah I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here. I think that if you “gain” girth and improve your EQ and having a healthy penis, I think you should continue what you are doing, I know I would. Hell, I pump at low pressure when not doing PE just to improve my EQ. I however keep on trying and I’ve got a big gainer here to coach me in private messages now. I hope I end up as a girth gainer at last, there’s nothing I rather do than achieve a bigger penis, and help others that suffers from the same complex as me.

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

I measure my unit during edging where my EQ is a 10 regardless of non-edged EQ, when i’m totally uninjured and everything is as open as possible; I have definitely gained 0.6” in girth. I must confess: things have really slowed down for me recently however.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Robbie, Before-and-After Measurement Pictures is a good collection of some of the best. We tend to be very critical of pictures which you should appreciate.

I saw all the pictures and I’ll comment alls:

PEnine:Seems no differnt at all just two different way to measure it with different photo angle.

Lil12big1:Putting the ruler in thifferent position is easy to gain something and a small variable could be from anxyiety erection strenght ecc..

Commanderblop:Seems he gain half inch but the erection but the way looks stronger but not sure

Eroset: Different power of erections

Bigbedo: Really wrong mesauration in the after pics starting at 1 inch(what he gain.)

Bennett8: Congratulation! I bet you useed estender and also your erections seems to be improved.The only serious result right now

Braindrain:Starting circumcised finishing not circumcise just impossible fake pictures two different “owners”

Cheeva:seems to have one inch gain but in the second picture de penis seems is going to explode seems to be pumped before.In my opinion a fully erect penis compared to a normal erection can gain easly one inch..

ThePapSmearster:Always not more than 1 inch improvement but in this case looks real and also a girth improvement looks like.By the way I’m noto sure result could be permanent

Shunga:D ifferent power of erection and helped from the ring always not mor of one inch
Westsidetoni:The wors pictures ever different strenght in erection and different way to mesure it.Let’s say that if you are in are in the same range of me 16-18 cm depend of the power of erection and you can be 19 or 20 if you take advantages with the ruler..

Conclusion:Bennett8 reports the best results watching tho other pics sounds not so effective penis enlargement maybe just for adding an inch while you are praticing it.The only comproved method is extender but not results in girth.I just want girth so is not for me.I would like to find out something better about vacuum about vacuum if you use properly every day without forcing to much the penis if they have results on a increase of girth.What about bathmate?I like cause the water principle but I would like to buy one more professional with pressure information so I can use it with more caution and avoid risk.

robbie, the joke is on you:rolleyes: . I don’t think anyone cares whether you believe or not. The only reason people are replying is because you are saying gains are not possible, despite nearly every established member on here having had gains.

I have always had a very lazy schedule when it comes to PE. I would go at it with great commitment for at most 4 weeks. I would then not do a single thing for another 3 weeks. Then perhaps do another 1 week. Then perhaps do nothing for 1 or 2 months. The longest time I have spent without doing a single PE exercise was 3 months. In this time I lost 0.1” in both length and girth(7.4” x 5.4”). Nevertheless it was still 1.5” longer and 0.5” thicker than when I started PE; how do you explain that? ;)

The penis will not stay inflamed for more than a week never mind 3 months, if it is left in it’s natural state.

Having said all that, I did start PE when I was 18 years old, so one could argue that there was some natural growth involved for me. Yet this would go against science, which has found that the penis stops growing at around 16 years of age.

Anyway, you would be retarded to not start PE’ing to increase your girth. You heard it from me.

Decemeber 2007: 5.8" BPEL x 4.9" MSEG

Current:-------->7.7" BPEL x 5.7" MSEG (7.2" NBPEL)

Current Goal:--->7.6" BPEL X 5.8" MSEG Do or do not, there is no "try".

If you want an instant, albeit temporary fix, try popping a 5mg (very low dose) cialis before your next important sexual encounter.

I measure myself religiously and accurately, and have done so (and improved upon my methods and knowledge of my own measurements) since the age of 16. I’ve always been 4.5” eg mid shaft (for the vast majority of the shaft, actually). 4.5”, no more, no less.

I’ve recently discovered that when I get my dick hard with a Cialis 5mg (not hard to do at my young age), my erections are CONSITENTLY a couple 8ths of an inch thicker than normal. That may not sound like much to some of you newer folks, but it is. I can instantly feel the difference in my hands, and every time when on Cialis I measure up to 4.7” MSEG (but usually slightly above 4.6”). My girth just above the base jumps up to 5” (from it’s usual 4.75”), a drastic .25” increase, SOLIDLY.

Cialis is amazing - and few serious side effects/risks. I highly recommend it for occasional use, or for use once every few days during a balooning/edging regiment along with PE. It really, truly is a miracle drug - and this all happens with their lowest available dose (I think) at 5mg! Give it a try! Helps a LOT if you’re nervous about sex too…size anxiety can be killer, so do everything you can in this modern age to combat it and be thankful you live in 2013!


Not to be rude Robbie but your first step in understanding this forum and the information herein could be to spend some time perfecting your English. I’m guessing its not your first language and if you understand it as bad as you write it, no wonder you sound ill informed.

I like to think of PE as another step on the road to physical fitness. As with any exercise you can injure yourself if done incorrectly but when done correctly you can train your body and make it stronger, healthier and bigger ;)

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
Gained 0.5 inches in girth doing Jelqing alone :)

How long did it take you? :O Also wonder how much length you gained for that period it took you to get 0.5 girth? =)

Starting - 8.25 BPEL, 6.25 NPEL, 6.25 EG

To answer the original question;

Originally Posted by robbie2073
What is the best way to increase girth without damage your penis

Kama Sutra wasp stings for girth

Running a Massive Co-Front.


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