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What is the best Stealth ADS around

What is the best Stealth ADS around

I don’t consider myself a newbie but this is the only forum they will let me post in. I have been doing PE on/off (inconsistently) since 2001. I have pumped a lot, jelqed, and recently been hanging more on a more consistent basis.

Here is what I have been doing recently much more consistently:

I hang heavier weights (13.5 lbs.) for 3 20 min. Sets total throughout the day using the bib hanger. I will do 20min. In am 20min. In the afternoon, and then 20min. At night. I also will pump at 10mm HG for another 10min. With 200 jelqs/day in the shower.

Here is the thing. I work as a Nurse wearing baggy scrubs all day. I want to do some ADS at work STEALTH like of course.

I have tried some penis rings but they always fall off. Is there something else better to use for ADS?


Current stats: BPEL 7.5 inches, BPEG 5.5 inches, Flaccid length non-bone pressed is only 4 inches.

I want more flaccid length especially.

I would have to go with New Xsleeve. They use weighted end caps. I can wear mine for hours and not even no it’s there. Love it!

For stealth I find a vacuum ADS the type on eBay is excellent. I have just taken it off, after four hours of wearing it. I am not sure it is the most effective but for comfort and stealth, it is great. If it slips off it falls a few inches and hangs below your knee, it is silicone, so no noise.

The fear of penis weights for me as an ADS, if they fall off, they hit the floor and people will work out quite quickly what they are. Unless you are fortunate enough to be in the company of particularly stupid people. Vacuum ADS is quick to put on and off and relatively cheap and the possibility of making your own if you have the DIY skills.
I wear it around the house and office, with baggy trousers it is impossible to spot which leg it is pulling down. Whether it works or not ?? I use it in conjunction with some hanging, stretching, piss pulls etc. The combination is working I think? of course not as quick as I would like but it does take months/ years. Be lucky, Diesel.

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