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What is the best exercise for improving EQ

What is the best exercise for improving EQ

Just wondering - my EQ isn’t that great at 31 - I don’t smoke, eat healthily, and exercise plenty, but I haven’t had 10/10 EQ since I was a teenager. No medical problems either. Don’t watch porn either. Whats the best way to improve EQ - is it jelqing, or edging, or what?

For me avoiding edging, porn, and making it a point to not stimulate myself outside of my PE routines, is the most important factor, and then doing jelqs get mine up to the 10’s. Doing my length exercises helps my EQ as well but the jelqs are the foundation for me.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Jelqs are number one, expecially dry jelqs. I don’t see much point in Kegel’s, I know it sounds a blasphemy but that’s it.


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