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What is the BEST course of action to reverse the baseball effect

What is the BEST course of action to reverse the baseball effect

Hello friends,

I’ve been trying to increase my base girth with reverse jelqing. Not only is this exercise very awkward, furthermore it does not seem to give any effect on the base girth?

I also read now in another thunder place thread that it is actually a harmful exercise?

Help me out please

My penis is smaller at the base than the middle, this makes it feel flimsy/wobbly in cowgirl types of positions

I fear that conventional jelqing could actually aggravate it that’s why I was doing reverse jelqing

I’ve never read up on reverse jelqing but it doesnt sound to beneficial when you jelq the blood builds up to a stop at the head of your penis causing the expansion I would assume, vs. A reverse where your pushing blood back into yourself and the body there is no stop it just flows back down :S I dunno thats just my guess.

I know for base girth clamping and hanging are proven to work well, both are exercises that are meant for experienced PE’ers so be careful if thats something you attempt.

Good luck Omo

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I feel like I’m just fucked

*Normal jelqing would logically aggravate the bat shape

*Reverse jelqing doesn’t seem to work

*Clamping and hanging seems dangerous and I don’t dare attempt it

Guess I’m pretty much out of options

Well my advice is that anything can be dangerous is done in an uneducated your research and watch the videos properly.ask any question’s you want and people will be receptive and helpful on this site.if you then choose to, clamp or hang away with confidence, I can tell you it takes time to get used to and develop a personal touch to each exercise but the benefits will be fantastic for you.

Your call but just my 2 cents

Good luck omo pm me if you ever need to talk brother

December 1/11' (BPEL) 6.000 (MSEG) 4.550

April 16/12' (BPEL) 6.313 (MSEG) 4.875

Goal ?/? (BPEL) 8.000 (MSEG) 6.000

I appreciate it, thanks friend.

Pumping & hanging are good ways to increase base girth. The shape of my penis have been changed as well by jelqing, not severely, but changed none the less.

You can use a tube an pack mid shaft up tighter with gauze or cotton which will help to focus expansion in the lower base are of the shaft. Hanging is another great base increase, but it must be researched and approached with caution. Hanging requires slow gradual increases in weight -vs- hang times. There are some guys on here that are very knowledgeable in regard to both exercises.

I would suggest searching the hanger and the pumpers forum and getting specific advice on these topics!

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My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

Bathmate is reported as increasing girth

I had that problem too. The two things that helped me were focusing on my stroke and try to decrease the pressure as you go and increase my manual stretching.

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