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What is the BEST circumcision style, low or high


Aidan, it doesn’t stay retracted behind the glan, that’s how long it is.

I would get a loose tight one done. I think at your age a scar may be more noticeable if you get a full one. Circumcised definitely does look better flaccid. I’m uncut but the only thing that really matters to me is size.

Anyway if you want to view what I consider a great circumcised dick have a look at this porn video. Skip to 4 minutes. I think all foreskin is completely gone plus he has no scar.


Audacia, I looked at the video. I can’t tell if he is low/tight or high/tight. I can’t see the scar line, does he have inner skin?

I don’t think that necessarily makes it long, I thought you might mean something like an inch overhang. The activity of things such as the frenulum can impact the retractability of the skin. I have a relatively long, and tight, foreskin. I just wondered what was ‘extremely long’.

Hope you can find something to make you happy with it.

Yes I have about an inch overhang that’s why it doesn’t stay retracted behind the glan. The reason why I got a long foreskin is because I used to use a penis stretcher.

I like the minimal circumcision example 1. I can’t give a reason, just aesthetically, it seems to offer the benefits of some glans coverage without too much skin overhang where it looks like you can hide your wallet and yet doesn’t look too “bald” and wimpy if the glans was totally showing. In between, (higher up) it looks too unnatural. I know, my reasons probably don’t make much sense?

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High/tight circumcisions are very popular, almost every circumcised guy has a high circumcision. Does anyone have any pictures of a ROCK HARD low/tight erection with scarline about 0.5cm behind the glan, I can’t find any on google.

Okay, at the moment, I’ve decided that I’m going to go for a HIGH & TIGHT circumcision. My inner sensitive skin measures about 4.5cm. How much should I keep?

Almost everyone here was either circumcised as a baby or for medical reasons. They only have experience of what they have, not any of the alternatives, so I doubt anyone can answer that.

Who are you planning to get to do your circumcision? No GP will refer you for one unless you have a legitimate medical condition that requires it. Medical insurance will not pay unless you have a legitimate medical condition, confirmed by a consultant surgeon.
And you won’t be able to choose your own style of circumcision unless you have it done by a cosmetic plastic surgeon, for which you will have to pay privately. Have you looked into the costs? Just the anesthetists bill would put me off!

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Firegoat, I have found a surgeon to do my circumcision, outside of UK. They can do any style I want and I am happy with the costs. I just need some opinions on how much inner sensitive skin to keep. I know you don’t like HIGH or TIGHT, but there are thousands or millions out there that do.


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