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What is the beginner routine for kegels?

What is the beginner routine for kegels?

Im asking because i usually do kegels after i jelq. Which would be 2 days on,1 day off,4days out the week.I can hold kegels 10 seconds,7x. Then usually the next day i cant hold it 10 seconds,i can only hold it like 5 seconds. Why is that?Has anybody experienced this?

When I started, I couldn’t even hold for 5 seconds, now I can do 50 5 seconds. Didn’t try the 10 second, but I think I am getting better at kegels. Have done PE for only a week though, newbie routine so same as yours! :D

That’s just muscle fatigue, the same happens lifting weights in the gym, rest when necessary, and test for long term improvements.

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