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What is LOT?

What is LOT?


Could you describe me what is LOT.
A read it is important, and I have read about its influence but I do not understand it.
I tried to read Bib’s LOT theory, but I couldn’t understand. Yes, I know LOT is short of Loss Of Tugback but what does it mean? What is Tugback? If I would know that I will understand the theory I hope. Please help me.
What is ligament, could you describe it?

btw: as you can see my English isn’t good, so try to explain it simple, please. Well, maybe is here anybody from Poland? It could be really helpful :) ))

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Thanks, Alice

Hi bogomips,

Imagine a clock. 12:00 is at the top and 6:00 is at the bottom.

If you pull your dick straight up towards your head, it’s at 12:00. If you pull your dick straight down towards your feet it’s at 6:00.

Start by pulling straight up and then kegel. You should see your glans (head) pull back into your body.

Now move the stretch to 11:00 and kegel again.

Keep moving it down by 1 hour, kegeling every time, until you don’t see the glans pull back anymore. That’s where your LOT is.

For a real easy to understand LOT thread, read KOG’s rendition or the theory.

Thank you stevie. Great and simple description.

My LOT is 8 o’clock. Now I see the sense of reading other LOT’s threads (thank you Alice).

Yes, I thought you may need to read them all, don’t hesitate to ask any other questions.

Originally Posted by bogomips

A read it is important, and I have read about its influence but I do not understand it.

It’s a theory. It’s not important for gains. Some believe it helps direct your exercises, but others have made gains without knowing their LOT value. I don’t think it means much.

Thanks westla.

Now I understand the theory, yours and mine opinion :) . I am not confident LOT is really important. I agree the angle of stretching could depends of the PE goal (tunica of ligs), so I have other question.
My erection angle is about 9 o’clock and my penis is a little curved down, I would like to have straight or curved up penis and erection angle at about 10 o’clock. I felt I should stretch my penis upwards to stretch tunica. Do you think would it works? I’ve started PE about 3.5 month ago and I see gains (I like it) but the angle of erection don’t change. I didn’t measure it but I can see it.

BTW: I do flaccid and semi erected wet jelq with some my varieties of exercise and sometimes ULI #3. I do not hanging or stretching.

Without having read WestLA’s earlier post, I started this thread as a newbie and came to basically the same conclusion:

An attempt to model LOT

I believe LOT is a valuable concept for hangers, who want to focus their sessions on the shortest/tightest structure that limits further stretching. However, the same knowledge can be gained just by sensing where you feel the tension when hanging. I can tell precisely at what hanging (stretching) angle the tension switches from my ligs to my tunica.

LOT can help when talking about the process, as in, “I have a low LOT, so I “hang” primarily straight out or over the shoulder.” Or, “I have a high LOT, so I hang straight down or between the butt cheeks.”

Regardless of one’s LOT, I recommend PE be directed primarily at enlarging the body of the penis (e.g., tunica). The alternative, stretching the ligs, may help to reveal more of your internal penis and improve your measured length, but it doesn’t really give you more penis length, only more apparent length (due to the lower exit point you achieve by stretching the ligs).

On the other hand, one can be very motivated by seeing the quick “gains” one can achieve by stretching one’s ligs. It can also help one to look better in the locker room.

Thank you for answers.

I ignore the LOT theory.

I would like to stretch tunica not ligs so I will stretch penis upwards as I have done it before :) ).

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