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What is KEGELS

What is KEGELS

I just need to start Newbie Routine! I poorly understand the English language and not to the dictionary to find the word KEGELS. I do not know what that means, if you can someone explain to me? Is there another word that describes the action called kegels? Thank in advance

Hello rade. To understand what a Kegel’ is, just try stopping the flush of urine when peeing; you should also see your penis moving sligthly when Kegeling. Hope it helps.

Hello Rade,

Welcome to Thunder’s place. A kegel is an exercise done to increase the strength of your erection and helps to control ejaculation. A kegel is done by contracting the pubococcygeal muscle. (Hang in there.) The best way of describing what a kegel is to drink 3 glasses of water then proceed to the toilet to urinate. While urinating, try to stop the flow of urine for 2 seconds then relax. This is called a kegel. Now you can try doing that exercise without having to urinate.

Start with 50 kegels a day then carry on with the same amount and try increasing the time you hold each kegel. Adjust the exercise to suit your needs.

Kegels is an exercise that could be done at any time of the day and any place you would like do do it.

Take care,

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зауставите свој урину без руке

онда можете пробати да уговорна мишића без уринатинг. држите пет секунди за сваки пут.

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Thank you ,understand what I should do. Only me, it is not clear why it is important for enlargament penis?

It’s not for the enlargement, it’s for stamina: it helps having longer lasting and harder erections :) .

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