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What is kegels I'm lost.

What is kegels I'm lost.

Can someone help me plz.. I want more girth than length.. Actually I want both but I think length is impossible.. I need a nice routine too.. God I’m asking alot! But I thank you in advance

Perhaps a more seasoned expert can answer this better but basically do this: Go urinate, and stop. That muscle that you use to stop the flow is the muscle you contract for kegels. Easy to find. :)

Rehx is right. It’s the muscle that you can tighten to stop peeing. How I learned how to do them is to stop my flow everytime I go to the bathroom. Once you are comfortable doing this and can do it without thinking about it, you basically have that muscle isolated and you can do sets of kegels whenever you want. Hope that made sense to you.


It made sense but.. How do you use that in your routine?

Just flex it through out your day as much as you can, the longer you do it for the more you will be able to do!! Also do them while doing your PE exercise

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