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What is kegals?

What is kegals?

Trying to figure that one out.

heyknow, for any info here, click the “search” button in the upper right of each screen, then type in the word you’re after. In this case, it’s spelled “kegel” (not kegal). If, after searching,thoroughly, you still don’t find your answer, start a thread like this one.

A helpful beginner’s thread is “FAQ/Quick Start Guide/ PE DAtabase.”

The exercise developed by Dr. Kegel in the 1940s was originally intended to help women control a leaking bladder after childbirth. He soon learned that it also helped them have better sex. In the 1970s this exercise was adopted by men. It can help with erection strength and allow for a stronger ejaculation.

Here is an article that explains what muscles are used during a Kegel. At the end of the article is a link to Dr. Kegel’s original article which explains why and how he developed it.

It has been suggested that 150 to 300 Kegels every day or every other day can be beneficial to men. It’s easy to do the exercise at almost any time of the day because you are just squeezing your internal muscles. Many do them while driving or sitting at their desk at work or school.

Let us know if you have other questions and welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Thanks I think I know what this is. Cock pushups right?

Right. But Jack Black is the only guy I know of who can do it. :D

Tenacious D: Cock Pushups
KG: Do you think that um, do you think that when the album, when this is out…
JB: Yeah?
KG: Do you think it will make us um, more attractive to the ladies?
JB: Pshh, yeah, in fact, I been getting ready.
KG: Yeah?
JB: Yeah, I been doin cock pushups.
KG: Cock Pushups?
JB: Yeah.
KG: What are those?
JB: Its where you fuckin lay down flat on the ground.
KG: Yeah…
JB: And then you let your boner lift you up off the ground.
KG: N…no, that's, that'd be impossible. Your cock can support your whole
JB: Well not at first…
KG: Yeah?
JB: But over time.
KG: Hmm…how many pushups can you do?
JB: …cock pushups?
KG: Yeah…I guess, you could only do one really.
JB: Yeah, well one is all ya need

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