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What is fake and what isn't

I just read the link of all the people talking about jelqing damage, what exactly do you guys think goes wrong are they doing it too hard, and what exactly happens for the muscle tissue to get damaged, as they were referring to?

Some of those guys are members here too, you can recognize the way they write. I’ll repeat what the MD said, in a less ‘doctoral’ language : I have no idea.

It could be interesting that some people claim to have had quick resolution of Peyronie’ disease just after 9 days of light jelqing:
“I was diagnosed with PD in Dec. 2005. The doctor prescribed me colchicine and said if it didn’t help after a year, then my condition would be stable and permanent ” The End” , so to speak.

I also lost 1½ in. in erect length. Because my doctor gave me such a cut and dried prognosis, I just stopped taking colchicine after a year and paid little attention to it as it was not totally ruining my sexual function. I believe, due to the location of my bend, that the PD was caused by a trauma when I was 19. I’m 44 now.

Anyways, I decided to try light jelqing, stretching, and edging program to try and restore my length about 9 days ago. Now that I’ve gotten such a closer look at my penis , I’m sure that the damage to the top of my penis is 90-99% gone (I don’t think this happened because of the recent excercises) …..”

You can find everything on the Internet.

Colchicine for Peyronie’s disease? I was prescribed it for gout and promptly stopped after researching it but I’m paronoid. How would this drug cure Peyronei’s disease?

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I have a curve in my dick and I’m only 19.. It’s always been curved.. So is that from peyronies disease or just natural? Never questioned it because honestly the first girl I ever had sex with loved the curve. I’ve never even thought about what caused it until now.

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Coming back from a year long layoff.

I think I may have developed Peyronie’s disease through a recent, over aggressive clamping regime. I’ve developed an intermittent ache in the left chamber of my unit, and a slight worsening of my congenital curve.

Cessation of all forms of exercise seems to worsen the pain, whilst a gentle stretching/jelqing routine under my infrared light has actually helped alleviate the pain and seems to lessen the curvature when I’m consistent.

For any of you in a similar situation, lose dose cialis, ubiquinol, vitamin e and pentoxifylline seem to be of value, along with hyperthermia treatment and gentle exercise.

So the original question is, “What is fake and what is real?”

I’m not sure what all this other stuff has to do with it. Obviously, the OP doesn’t think BIB’s gains are real. I’m not sure what I think but I don’t really care. I know the 1/4” I’ve gained in the past 2 months are real. I’m sure most of the other posters know their gains are real too.

On the other hand, maybe the thousands of posters on here that spend a significant amount of their free time have nothing better to do than read and write on a subject that is fake. That makes sense, right?

And don’t try to play this site as a snake oil salesman. If you read the RTFM, it states very clearly the risks, that it may or may not work for you, and it will not solve your life problems. All this site does is concentrate the very best information, knowledge, and experience on penis enlargement that doesn’t involve surgery or miracle pills. There is no motive to be fake. Do you see ads all over the forum? Did you need a credit card to register? How much does membership cost?

So being skeptical of PE is fine. But don’t come over and tell us that we’re fakes. Posters here may state things that are not true, but I’m willing to wager more times than not, THEY honestly believe what they’re posting.

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It sounded to me like someone who just has something against PE for some reason. He mentioned our egos, yet he’s the one that shows up at random to make some point that doesn’t even need to be made. We get it.. PE may or may not work for everyone and if done incorrectly can be dangerous. I’m just curious why he felt the urge to instigate in the first place. Only an ego would feel the need to instigate in order to get a response, which is exactly what you did by posting in the first place. You couldn’t even let go of the need to post for a response.. That type of behavior is entirely ego driven. I suggest you do some soul searching, meditation or read some books about the ego.. Learn something about yourself before you go spouting off in the search for attention.

You didn’t have a question or want guidance.. No, you went straight to asserting, and thereby instigating. And we have the egos? Come on. Who’s kidding who here?

I was skeptical when I first came across information about penis exercises back in 2005 while searching the internet. Yet, I tried a beginning jelq routine, and noticed immediately how my penis felt fuller even during the first week. Encouraged, I continued. After 1 month, I was 1/4 inch longer, and slightly thicker (not quite an 1/8 inch more). My gains have come in fits and starts, but I haven’t stopped gaining since.

There may not be enough scientific studies out there yet to verify the effectiveness or safety of the exercises, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work, or that they are not safe. And why should there be such studies? Who would be funding them? Certainly not the American Cancer Society.

Give the newbie routine a try. Make detailed records and take measurements on a scheduled basis. Use yourself as a scientific specimen. You might discover something that is true but not scientifically proven. And then, like me, you’ll realize that science has its faults too.

I don’t think there is any need to get defensive of PE guys. We each are just trying to get bigger wangs - not save the world. Who cares if one guy doesn’t believe it will work!?

But I would point out that in all the reading I have done here (even before I was a member) I have yet to come across someone on the forum who claims to be a licensed medical practitioner. Maybe there are a few. But the point is the TP community may not be able to explain the exact science of it. But they guys on this forum have done a lot of research, and I’m sure are on to something. And even paramount to research, the guys here have had practical experience.

Unless all of the many persons who reported gains are lying, then all of us a candidates for the mad house.

I would go on further to say that real life experiences usually precede clinical studies, not the other way around. If the medical community has no evidence to verify PE, then it’s just that, no evidence. It doesn’t mean that PE can’t actually work. People were curing their headaches with aspirin (the willow bark) long before clinical studies proved that it works. Furthermore the scope of the studies suggested in the OP were limited to extenders. Whereas, everyone who actually reads the forums here knows that there are a variety of different possible methods, and you should find one that works best for you.

I was a skeptic too, and read all I could to debunk PE. What I realized was that no extensive or comprehensive clinical trials have been done. I think it’s because there’s a lot of effort and resources that would have to go into that - not to mention finding a large enough sample of men who will admit to being dissatisfied with their dick size - and being able to verify that they follow a certain routine - and so many other considerations. Also, I think for previous studies the scientists are looking for dramatic results with little effort, or over too little time, and when they don’t get it, they just call it a day.

The silliest part of the OP (and please don’t take this as an attack on the poster) is the suggestion that Thunder’s doesn’t provide any conclusive evidence that PE actually works. Of-course it doesn’t! This is an online community, how conclusive can we get? People report their gains, and submit their pics. We just take their word for it most of the time. That’s the best we can do! And if you browse around the forum you will certainly find pics which are as convincing as they can possibly get.

The next point is, as someone already said, this is a free website - no charge. No magic penis pills on sale. No expensive equipment to purchase. No obligation. Just free advice and sharing.

Scepticism is fine. In fact, if you were uninitiated in PE and someone came and told you that you could pull/stretch/squeeze/bend your dick to make it bigger, and you weren’t sceptical, you’d be an idiot. I was sceptical even after I started making gains.

But if you don’t try it for yourself… you’ll never know. But you have to really stick with it and be patient. Different people gain at different paces. Or you can just wait forever for a proper study to be done, if that ever becomes feasible, before you try it.

Sorry for the dissertation. But if any other sceptics show up, no need to bash them, just show them this post.

Originally Posted by prynceton
This site has some good stuff and some very questionable stuff, including one moderator/co-administrator whose gains are very unrealistic and never provided with factual data or evidence. Furthermore people believe the information even though it would be a medical breakthrough if it occured. 1.5% or about 1 in 66 men have a penis 8+ inches long and an increase in 5.5 inches would wreak havoc on the urinary tract of the penis.

Is that a real statistic? 1 in 66 is 8 inches long? I thought it was way less.

Excellent post eponymous. The only thing I would add is pointing out there aren’t good studies out there regarding PE because there would be no money in it. These aren’t new ideas. It is much easier to make money selling you pills and convincing you if you don’t take them for a lifetime you will be way below the average size of nine inches.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

Originally Posted by ironaddict69
1 in 66 has an 8 inch dick? No fucking way right?

It might be even less in my opinion. NBP

Anyway to the OP, your first post is really confusing, it’s no wonder people don’t get what your trying to say.

There are many people here that have had improved erections and sex life because of PE, not just gaining size. If you do PE the right way everything should be fine.
I myself never bothered to take a starting measurement picture, most people don’t bother, I’m doing PE for me not for other people.

Here’s a one of the best threads that shows how PE can change someones life for the better, with picture proof.
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

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If you don’t believe PE works, look at the very first 2 pics on my picture thread, then look at the last few I have posted. 100,000 of us aren’t lying. Not everyone gains. But 99% of us gain, and some extremely well.

Originally Posted by prynceton
your flame heavy site…. All I’ve seen is hate…

Blah, blah, blah…

Oh no’s, our secret is out. We are a site of flaming haters! :rolleyes:

Guys, have fun with him while he lasts. But remember, even trolls are treated with basic courtesy at Thunder’s. Not to imply that just because prynceton employs the most basic of troll tactics he is one.

Seriously on that guys. Depends on what part of the interweb he drifted in from; a troll like communication style is the norm in some places. So if he does some reading and actually tries one of the newbie routines cut him some slack.

But given that his communication style screams troll, don’t invest much time or effort in explaining this stuff to him. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Running a Massive Co-Front.

“Yeah ThunderSS I was here before or maybe I read up on the site for an hour before even typing a comment. Maybe Bib’s 19 months post from the old PE Forums clearly stated BIB as a Moderator and Bib’s Uli thing clearly stated him as a Co-Administrator. Great deduction, with 48,00 you’ve managed to gain the skill of giving a shit less to the OP and to be unbiased when trying to achieve a better outcome to a shared goal. Oh and this is from your Penis Manual which I perused before even beginning to type a post also. So even if the info from the links is old you keep it as current information to all new users.”

Maybe you should have read an hour and a half. Then you might have caught on to the fact that those posts are from the old PE Forums and were just copied here. No idea what you are trying to say with the rest of your rant. Not really concerned about it either.

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