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What is big for a flaccid hang


What is big for a flaccid hang

Hi all,

When you guys think a flaccid penis is big?
My flaccid hang is in a: cold environment 4,8 inch, normal environment 5,6 inch, warm environment 6,1 inch
Girth: cold 4,0 inch, normal 4,5 inch, warm 5,0 inch

What you guys think of this size, and would drinking more water increase it more? I think I drink about 2 liter of mongrel water with gas in a day. Is that enough or is only normal water working good for it?

I would say that is well above average. Your girth changes a lot, not mine. It is pretty much the same cold and warm, but lenght changes a lot.

Water with gas? Perhaps that is what we call carbinated water here in the states. I doubt that will make it bigger but if it does let us know.

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Dang, you’re huge then. For me 4.5 x 4.5 is about normal.

I am usually swinging about 4x4 but I can see that PE is helping me in that area. I don’t have to encourage it as much as before.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

I would say 6.1 flaccid is quite big.

In my experience (locker rooms, nude beach) an average flaccid hang is about 3 to 3.5 inches (obviously NBP). Anything 4.5 to 5 inches or longer therefore stands out as pretty long.

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I have a large flaccid (I just realized this when I came to Thunders).

cold: 5 length (not BP)
norm: 6 length
warm: 6.5 length

My girth stays the same during cold and norm (4.6) but goes up to 5 when warm.


Wish my girth was over 5 inches flaccid. That would be great.

anything more then 5” long…

Sounds pretty big to me mines




In flaccid

These are some pretty good flaccid hangs. I’m a pathetic 3.5 inches, so you’ll rarely see me loitering around naked in a men’s change-room - or anywhere for that matter. As I’ve written elsewhere, I haven’t been naked in front of other men since I was two feet tall.


Why do you think 3.5 inches is pathetic? That’s completely average, in my experience. If you’re looking around the locker room and seeing a lot of 5” flaccid hangs, you’ve either joined a PE Gym ;) , or you’re misperceiving other men’s penises in comparison to your own (as many do here). I mean, really now, supposing the average dick is 5 to 5.5” NBP (6” BP) ERECT, how big can it be flaccid?! I’ve heard of showers, but only gaining an inch or a half inch from an erection is rare.

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Your flaccid length as almost as long as my erect length. Excuse me while I go tie my dick to my bumber and tell my wife to floor it.



After having read up on JAI-theory, I think 2-second pull/release cycles are probably the way to go. Better if you tie your dick to a pogostick and then work out on it.



I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks mgus, your a pal.


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