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What is better

What is better

Hi guys! I try to figured out what is better;

Stretching first and than fill the penis with blood,in theory,this way more blood should fill the penis,and should help more

Or do the girth exercise first and than stretching?

What do you think?

Its individual; you need to do it for yourself and figure out which is better. But I prefer stretching before jelqing for the same reason you stated. Besides it would take too long to get completely flaccid for stretching if I did jelqing before. And PE time is not something I have alot of.

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This is rather like what came first- the chicken or the egg.

It’s difficult to say which should be done first, Alex; as to some extent one is dependent on the other.

The only way to test for YOU. is to give each a try ; First session tries; Measure your penis girth and length. Then try a week, or, two weeks one way, then a short break and try the other way. Take notes. and measurements . - They will have to be carefully done as the gains will probably be small. . then do a short break, and do the routine the same the other way round.

Then (this will be essential for your analysis) do the same tests again. and notice if there are any reductions as well as growth. Any reductions of course will mean you are undoing the work so that will, perhaps determine your final routine.

Otherwise just see which analysis gives best results and then use that.

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I’ll give a try! Thanks a lot!

Everyone is so good in this forum! Thanks again

Edge, stretch then jelq.

I usually jelq first and then manual stretch. I wet jelq so I can’t stand the feeling of lubricant on my penis because I shower right after I jelq. I usually jelq right after a gym workout and jump in the shower. After I am showered and clean I work on my manual stretching. I have no experience on stretching first then jelqing but my current order of things works for me.



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