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What is a Kegel

What is a Kegel

Hi everyone!

Could someone explain me what is a kegel or post a video, because I have read the tutorials in spanish and english (my english isn’t that good) and really don’t understand it very well, is it when your penis is erected and you just make it go up without touching it (using some kind of muscle)? And also in the newbie routine says someting about warming up. Does this need a cloth or can I only use hot water while bathing?

Thanks for your help!

A video wouldn’t really help that much because you still have to figure how to control the muscle used. It’s the muscle you use to stop your pee flow and make your erect penis move up and down. So you found it.

There are several ways to do a warming up, one of them is wetting a wash cloth or towel in hot water and put that on or around your penis. You can also cut open a plastic bottle and fill that with warm water and dunk your penis in it. With a little searching you will find many more alternatives.

Go into your bathroom. Start urinating. Now stop urinating midstream. You just kegeled.

Yes, it’s the same muscle used to make your penis “rise” to the occasion, to stop the flow of urine, and to hold back an orgasm.

Warming up refers to the penile tissues. They are more stretchable when warm. Immediately after taking a hot bath is a great time to perform these stretches. After a hot bath is when I have had ligaments pop. Good luck.

The find your kegel muscle all you have to do is stop urinating mid stream. It the muscle that you use to stop and start your pee. You should be able to find it really easy this stuff isn’t rocket science

The pee definition is the easiest to understand cause the explanation given is really complicated, but to do that you have to be almost at total erection it’s not as discreet as it’s said. Thanks for helping I see this community is really supportive.

I have realized you have to be careful with describing a kegel with the while urinated stop the flow, one guy was actually drinking over 1 gallon of water a day just to get his kegels in since he thought you could only do the exercise while urinating lol.

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Well, you shouldn’t need to be erect at all. You should be able to do it at any stage, from flacid all the way through to fully erect.

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An erection is not needed to preform kegels.

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So is it alright even if the penis doesn’t go up and down while doing it?

I find kegels pull my penis in rather than make it bob up and down.

Originally Posted by oas1s159
I find kegels pull my penis in rather than make it bob up and down.

I think bobbing up and down only comes in when you have an erection, unless you’ve been doing so many kegels you can crack nuts with your BC muscle, its kind of hard to get that belly flopper effect straight from a flaccid penis. When you’re flaccid, it’s just a turtling effect pulling your penis in closer to your body.

You will notice your BC muscle getting weaker after doing enough kegels. Give them a rest. Like any other muscle in the body it gets fatigued.

Also, a lot of guys worry about flexing their poop chute when they do kegels. It’s not a big deal. They can be isolated, but it does not affect the quality of the kegel.

If you have not started the newbie routine yet, (which we all recommend strongly) you can just do kegels throughout the day. I believe kegels are the main reason I gained 1/4” length and 1/8” girth after doing them at random times throughout the day.

If I think about sex, I do kegels.
If I see a hot woman walk by, I do kegels.
If I think about how big my cock is going to be in 6 months, I do kegels.
If I think about kegels, I do kegels.
And if you are reading this, I hope you are doing kegels.

Best of luck to you sir. OBG

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