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What is 85 Errection

What is 85 Errection

Hey friends, This is my first post. I am glad to be here and excited about potential results. I am following the newbie routine. After doing the manual stretches flaccid, I work myself up to something less than a full hard-on and start jelqing. About 3 minutes into the jelqing, I check my dick (by taking both hands off) and it is not really very erect any longer. I stop and work myself up again -then restart. I do the same thing again at about 6 minutes. I am doing anything wrong? I am afraid the 1) loss of erection 2) taking time off to regain it might be costing me gains. Note that I have only done the routine three times. I have watched the wet jelq video and it appears the guy is not real erect in the final seconds. Maybe I’m doing ok? What do you think?

Thanks for your help,

Three times in and you’re just still getting to know your johnson- relax and keep working your meat, learn what it feels like.

Keep doing the routine [if I understand correctly] as you’ve related here for another three weeks or so. Keep yourself intellectually engaged while you jelq- jelqing alone won’t keep you erectish.

If staying erect is a real issue, there are those who believe that you should flip the jelq and the stretch, jelqing first to take advantage of your ‘fresh’ meat so that you stay erecter.

Luck and length.

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