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what I'm looking for

what I'm looking for

started streaching one week ago and i am hanging 4.5 lbs. comfortably, several times a day. i am also doing klegals several times a day. presently i am at 6” and i would like to get it up to my navel. this would be a gain of 1.5 to 2”. any clue how long this would take?. i aam looking for any hints that will hasten my gain.

Just curious: how come your navel is your goal?



just a length i always thought would be a good size. it’s an easy point of referance that i can check without the need for a tape measure.

I always thought that would be cool cause if I was wearing just jeans and popped up hard it would bust over the pant’s line.

Since I am not a teenager that isn’t a prob for happening except in sexual situations.


I get the navel thing now. Not an accurate way to measure but that would give you a sense of gains.

BH, you are obviously not wearing jeans there in your avatar.

Shades of high school; popping a boner in algegra class. It couldn’t have been the subject that caused that, or the teacher. It must have been the daydreaming.



High school boners.

Just riding the school bus gave me one almost every day. Bouncing down the road - the good vibrations were enough to do it. Now it takes a little more effort, but not much. :)

I hear ya, Wrestler. My next door neighbor was this outstandingly beautiful brunette cheerleader - maybe 5’11” with perfect breasts (I remember us talking in the summer after I made the team and her in a tight white t-shirt and those nips all perked up - there I go with the nip thing again). Quiet and intelligent, not the stereotypical bubblehead. Yes, she was rare.

Anyhow, she was about 3 years older than me (she a senior) and I’d just sit there and look at her on the bus (back when Mommy and Daddy didn’t feel guilty for not buying their kids a new car for school!). Ohh, those were the good days. Better if I’d have had her, though.

Needless to say, those vibrations and that sight of Amy gave me that crushing erection. And you know how you had to walk with the books in front of you!??!


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Just a side note about the navel thing: I’ve found that females use the navel as their “tape measure” also. When I’ve heard women talk about penis length, and I’ve often heard them ask if it was long enough to reach their navel when laying down. So it sound like that might be a better goal to set then any kind of numbers since you don’t break out the ruler in front of a women. Just a thought.


Started 5.75 x 4.75 Goal: 7 x 6! <-- Started with a piglet, want a HOG

Very true, Skeptic, very true. Humans easily measure things in relation to other permanent things and they have some intrinsic value that way. “Wow, it goes all the way up to your bellybutton!”, said the doe-eyed 21 y.o. college student in lustful amazement.

Yup, that’s a gooooooood goal to me.


I think posture makes a big difference.

If I am sitting with a natural posture, mine goes way past my navel by about 1/2”. Standing with a natural posture (erect) it is short by about 1/2”. If standing with a flaccid I can stretch it just past the navel. Now if I tilt my pelvis I can get a bit more. So guys if you want to show off and are near belly button level, experiment with posture and pelvic tilt and you just may impress that doe eyed 21 year old.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey Navel

If pe’ing doesn’t get you there quick enough try eating lot of pies. You won’t be trying for the naval anymore, you’ll be aiming for your nips (lol).


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