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What I really need is girth. should I still start with the newbie routine

What I really need is girth. should I still start with the newbie routine

I’m starting with 7 x 4.5. My length is above average and my girth is definitely not above average. I don’t want my length to grow too much faster than my girth and make the difference worse. It seems (at least from the posts I read) that people get more gains in length than girth when they start with the newbie routine. I’m not saying that gaining length would be a bad thing for me I just want to have my length and girth to be a little more proportionate.

Would it be a bad idea to maybe replace the stretching part of the newbie routine with something that would increase girth? Or maybe do more jelqing and less stretching? Ulis (using my hands) maybe? Horses seem too extreme for me to start with but I don’t really know anything. So I was hoping for some feedback from someone more experienced with PE.

You should start a noob routine so your cock can get adjusted to this new pressure.

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Originally Posted by AnonymousJ
…should I still start with the newbie routine


As you progress in your PE journey and start to add time to both your stretching and jelqing then go ahead and lean more towards the girth end of things.

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I’ve always said the title “newbie routine” gives the wrong impression. Jelqing (at various angles and erection levels) and stretching is the basis of most PE and probably responsible for most gains.

Sadly for you gaining girth is generally much harder than gaining length, but you can gain girth and be above average.

Clamping is certainly a route to look towards for girth gains, however, stick at the newbie for 3 months first, it is all about conditioning yourself. If you rush into a more advanced exercise, an injury will no doubt follow and will halt your progress or worse!

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Yeah. Try doing the newbie routine first even if it just gives you length gains at the moment so that your penis will get used to being ‘exercised’. After 3 months or so, you can now focus on girth gains with some advance exercises or even clamping if you feel your conditioned enough. But for now, stick with the newbie routine and you can never go wrong.

Good feedback. I’m definitely going to follow your advice and stick with the newbie routine for the next three months. After that I will probably focus almost strictly on girth at least until I’m above average there too.. Which will take some work I know.

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