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What have I been waiting for my entire life

What have I been waiting for my entire life

So for I incorporated the newbie routine into my 6 hour/day ADS routine 3 days ago. My oh my. It feels great! I specially like the stretching exercise as I feel slight sourness in the targeted muscle. Jelqing feels to me a lot like masturbation, but I like how it makes my glans a lot fatter while I’m doing it. It’s an entertaining sight.

I discovered the forums long time ago, but did not attempt to do this until a couple of weeks ago? Why? I suppose it was a combination of skepticism and laziness.

I’m posting this to express my gratitude to all of the wonderful people on this forum. You give hope to those of us with TRULY small penis (I despise those who complain about their “small” 6 inchers ;) )

Thank you

Well I’m glad you like the forum. Welcome to TP! 6” is not small.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!


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