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What happens if you start PE when you are a juvenile?


Originally Posted by marinera
Most (and worst) injuries we see happens to young people. Food for thought.

I would love to know where you get these facts from.

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From this forum.

I would have been able to kegel and edge every night in my teen years. However, I had no privacy, and I wasn’t allowed to masterbate or anything that looked like it, so it only follows that I have a baby penis as an adult. Shame for ones organ doesn’t promote growth that is for sure. Sense any pain and bitterness? Well, I am glad that I can have privacy now, but it seems like it would have been more effective while I was growing.

Originally Posted by aegi
I wasn’t allowed to masterbate or anything that looked like it, so it only follows that I have a baby penis as an adult.
No that does not follow at all.


- don’t beat up on yourself. I am sorry you had to grow up in that kind of environment, but that did not affect your development. I don’t think edging masturbation makes your dick bigger. I just think it helps make your dick harder (and you learn to last longer in bed).

- I seriously doubt you have a “baby penis” - please don’t be so hard on yourself

- as to the age you start PE affecting your gains, I started at 50 (?). There are plenty of older guys who have gained with PE so do not worry about it.

I’ve wondered what my potential could have been if I had applied topical testosterone to my dick during puberty. I’m not saying do that.

I'm a disciple of science.


This is a perfect thread to be answered by “ganesh”. He started PE at 11 years old. Aside from the fact that he has the genetics for it, his gains have been huge till now at 23. He has also had injuries. If you sent him a private message I will bet he will answer. Your dangerous problem will be “overdoing” for the reason given above. You might look at ganesh’s pics.

Your emotional maturity is really the question. Successful PE requires both discipline (to achieve results) and restraint (to avoid injury.)

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Thunder Ss: Of course. Thanks!

Could you give us some more info on ganesh. Firstly how did he find out about PE at 11?! And what are his sizes?

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Aceuz: Just scroll up or down to find a thread or post by him and click on ganesh10 to get his “profile”. There will be pictures and stats there as well as his threads. I think you you want to read a thread something like ” A late introduction”.


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