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What happens after newbie routine

What happens after newbie routine

Hi guys,

I’ve been doing the full newbie routine for 8 months now. I went from 5 inches to 5.75 but sadly I have not seen any kind of progress for the past 2 months.

What do I need to add to my routine?



Well, after eight months of the newbieroutine (new record?), you should definitely consider adding some advanced exercises to further your gains in the direction you want. Uli’s, A-stretches, etc.

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Obviously you have to increase intensity of your workouts. Add more stretching and jelqing. Try new, more advanced exercises. Experiment with less rest days.

What fellows said. Also, it could be a good idea taking at least two weeks off for deconditioning, since the monotonous work you did has likely caused a plateau.

However, be happy for your gains, 3/4” in 8 months is very good.

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scipio said it best!

De conditioning break most certainly.

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Thanks guys. Just a question about de conditioning.if I stopped Pe for two weeks wouldn’t that cause my penis to shrink back a little bit?

It’s very unlikely that 2 weeks would cause a decrease. Most decreases come in months, not weeks. If you feel uncomfortable, then just decon for one week. Other than that, I think post-newbie routine is the time to focus and concentrate your routine on your goals. If you’re looking for length, try an A-stretches, V-stretches, an ADS, or hanging even. If you’re looking for girth, there are a variety of exercises to choose from. If you want both, then just mix and match and see what works. By the way, nice gains and congrats on keeping with one routine till it ran its course, I am going to do a similar thing with the newbie routine. I am going to use it until I stop seeing gains for 6 weeks, then move on.

Anyone have opinions of the effectiveness of ADS vs. Hanging? I will be looking to progress into one of them after I am done with the newbie routine.

Time for a decon break!

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How long should a decon break last? 1-2months?

Thanks so much guys. I’m moving into v stretches right now and some JAI stretches as I’m focusing on length.

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