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What happened

What happened

Ok so I began P.E at the start if May and started a routine for 7 days a week. At the start of may I was 6.75 nbpel and by the end of may I was 7.25 nbpel. I measured many times on different days to be sure and it was there. So of course I was very happy and then came June.

Now in june I was inconsistent with my routine. The first week of June I did very little P.E but the gains were still there. Then the rest of the month I didn’t have a set routine but still did my best to do it about 5 times a week. I admit while doing my routine in June I wasn’t as intense with my stretching and with jelqing. So now it’s the end of June and I’m back to 6.75! It’s nothing to do with EQ I’m almost 100% sure. I don’t know what happen at all and I’m very disappointed with this. All I would like to know is

1. Can I gain those gains back in the same amount of time?
2. Does missing even a little bit of P.E bring you back to square one?
3. Will the same routine next month bring back the gains?

Hi Big-Dreams.

Your gains were not permanent, but created with an high volume of work; this type of gains are likely to disappear if you don’t “cement” them.

1. Yes, more likely in a shorter amount of time;
2. Not; you have to be constant in your PE work, but you have also to avoid overworking : do the newbie routine, it’s a better choice.
3. Look at what I said at points 1. and 2..

Good luck, and don’t worry :) .

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