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What happend that you start doing PE

Originally Posted by saen

Thanks for reading this :] tell me about why you started doing PE.

For Science!

I never had an experience where it felt like it was necessary that I had to get bigger as soon as possible. I’m doing this because PE is intriguing. We only live once, so why shouldn’t we try PE? The added bonus of more stamina/better EQ with the gains means we have nothing to lose if we do PE correctly. And to prove to ourselves (and possibly others) that it does work would be phenomenal. Reading Thunders is like reading 10 years worth of study and research. Participating in PE is like contributing to the foundations that will make PE well known someday.

Plus it’d be fun to walk around with a monster in the pants.

3/13/09 - BPEL - 7.2 EL - 6.7 EG - 5.0

4/20/10 - BPEL - 7.5 EL - 7.0 EG - 5.6-5.9 depending on EQ

I first searched the internet for some keggling information after my friend told me about it a few years ago. I somehow found this website, and after doing about 2 weeks of research, I’ve decided that it is worth it. I will probably start in a few days after I have read a little bit more.

I actually shrank. I’m not sure exactly what my “pre-shink” Vs “shrink” measurements are, but I became visibly smaller. Probably 7.25” pre-shrink; 6.25” shrink. I started because I wanted my original size back.

Thankfully, I got it all back and then some. Now that I know increasing my size is possible, I’m set on gaining just a little more length, and hopefully a half an inch girth (I’ve seen no girth gains yet).


I started PE because I want women to cower in fear when they’re on their knees, shortly followed by them calling God’s name.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

^^^ What he said

7.000 Bpel 5.5 Eg

Goals: 8.500 Bpel 6.5 Eg

For me no story or issue.

I started getting fit after a health scare. One day I looked down at my dick, 5.75” x 5.25” and although I knew it wasn’t tiny, it looked out of proportion and stubby. I thought “what if” I could make this bigger based on the fact then I was starting to do weight training and understanding the anatomy of the body.

I searched, found thunders. I disbelieved everything here, but thought I may as well give the newbie routine a try. I did and here we are almost 2 years later.

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG

I’m a perfectionist. Good is not good enough, I want to be excellent in all that counts! I already did it regarding education, profession, family and sex; now it’s time for the body - gym and PE.

Starting BPEL: 6.9" (Dec.1st, 2008)

Current BPEL: 8.11" NBPEL: 7.63" BPFSL: 9.09"

Current MEG : 5.6"

For me it’s as simple as being able to fully satisfy your wom-e-n, the kind of scenario where she’s screaming in pleasure (perv), LOL, but anyways yah` thats pretty much why I do PE.

Note: from the show “The Duke”: Men do everything for women, they dress becuz` they want to impress them, we want a better job becuz` we want them to be secure, etc.

The world is ours for the taking (evil laugh). :D

Every one has heard the story of the ex-boyfriend/spouse who was huge. I wanted to be that guy; rather than the guy listening to the story about that guy.

My wifes ex husband was 6’8” and size appropriate with that; I wanted to be bigger/better and thanks to PE I am.

We also frequent nudist clubs, where instead of just impressing the other guys in the shower (how gay is that); you can also impress hot naked women.

I guess there are a million reasons why we take up PE, but in retrospect it all boils down to “we want a bigger dick”.

Basically, ever since I found out I was already above average (7 in.) I’ve wanted to exploit my natural size. I guess I just want to be special, since I’m relatively average in all other areas of life. I used to have some kind of inferiority complex where I assumed by dick was small, until I measured it one day after learning what the average was, causing my jaw to drop.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to maintain a routine for more than a few weeks since I signed up here over a year ago. Maybe I don’t have as much of a drive to improve myself because I feel that I don’t need it as much as someone who is below average and desperate. But sometimes I just think, what if I was huge and not just big? What if I was special?

I’ve always been above average size. To be honest I do PE mostly for egoistic reasons. It’s just a huge turn-on to see a big dick pounding a girl.

I want my sex to resemble what I see in porno’s with big dicks. Of course, I also want to give chicks an incredible experience.

27/05/07 7,6" Bpel - 5,3" Eg - 5,3" Fl

02/06/08 8,1" Bpel - 5,6" Eg - 5,7" Fl

Originally Posted by cervixhunter
I’m a perfectionist. Good is not good enough, I want to be excellent in all that counts! I already did it regarding education, profession, family and sex; now it’s time for the body - gym and PE.

I meet loose girls, tight girls, 2 virgin complains yet (about two of them I know told their friends in not negative way, because after, I was with 1-2 of them :D ).
But I want bigger penis :) )

Starting measures (1/1/2008): BPFL 4.50'', FG 4.50'', BPEL 6.25'', EG 5.25'' and so on .. :)

```````````````` 01/27/2009 : BPFL 5.70'', FG 5.10'', BPEL 6.90'', EG 5.60''

In the past ladies were absolutely breathless as they worshiped my thick hard throbbing cock.

I never considered myself large, had a small flaccid and was always uncomfortable in change rooms. When I was with a lady it was a different story as I was definitely all grower and no shower :) - I believe I was over 7.75” in length and about 6” in girth at the time, but my flaccid was TINY compared to my 6’ muscular frame.

It was truly a major ego boost when I was younger as the majority of women I was with always commented on the thickness, vascularity, hardness, length, perfect shape etc etc - there were a couple of major size queens that did not comment on the size but any guy would have had to tie a board across their ass so they didn’t fall in (they enjoyed fisting, really!!!).

Even some of the petite blonds that I was preferential to years ago would say that they would never be able to handle it and would comment for days afterward how they had that satisfyingly sore feeling for days (even using copious amounts of lube, for me sex was always a lengthy journey of discovery and not a destination). I have even had several girlfriends track me down from many years ago who would want to get together again (I always declined).

Fast forward to almost 20 years later, I believe that my penis has actually shrunk and my Pi’s were negative (no morning wood, weak erections, lack of sex drive etc etc etc).

The negative Pi’s were beginning to affect my relationship in a negative way (is it me?, don’t you find me attractive?, is there another woman? etc etc etc). Not a good place to be. I went to the doctor and tried out the mighty blue pill and things were much better, but I know that it was only treating an symptom and not the underlying problem.

I ended up getting my testosterone checked (free, total etc) and was borderline low. The doctor prescribed testosterone cream but I thought there had to be a better way. Once you start on supplementing T then your body will produce less T and you become dependent on T supplementation over the long term - again it would be treating the symptom and not the underlying cause.

I already had a healthy diet and was not overweight but embarked on lifestyle improvement - PE, heavy weightlifting, increased cardio, reduced alcohol, evaluate what I ate more closely, and using a small dosage of liquid C occasionally for increased confidence and for the special nights out (major props to Webslave on his extensive work on the topic).

Things are much better now, T increased almost 3x naturally, PI are significantly better, and I am regaining some of my lost length and girth (slowly but there is definite improvement).

9x7 here I come!!

Just because.


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