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What gains can I expect??

What gains can I expect??

Hi guys. I’ve been reading for the last week or so and wanted to make a post to get a little more insight. I’ve done a little PEing in the past without a lot of results, but after reading here, i realize that i just wasn’t dedicated enough.

I’m a pretty healthy guy. 27 yo, 5’10’, 180 lbs. Current Stats: 6.25 Erect Length, 5.75 Girth erect, 4.5 Flaccid length, 4.5 flaccid girth. Goals are 9x7 erect. Does this seem unreasonable?

My plans are to get an ADS, looking at the penisplus or phallosan…comments on these? I’m leaning towards the phallosan since the noose idea worries me a little.

Also will apply the BIB during non-working hours….could use some guidance on this as well.

I also have a 2” Vacutech pump, which is a little too large. I think I need a 1.5” for focusing on length. This will also be used about twice a week.

And of course, Jelquing, which I try to do regularly. I think I’ve been doing too much though, because I’m not getting a good “pump” anymore. Help would be appreciated here as well.

Will the ADS and BIB provide enough stretching throughout the day, or do i need to do more with the jelquing?

Thanks for the comments in advance. And again, is my 9x7 goal out of the question…or fairly realistic?

By the way, I intend to get back in the gym to get my circulation levels up to healthier levels, i know this will help to a great degree.

Thanks again.

nothing is out of the question if you are willing to put the time and work needed to attain your goal.

Current stats- 7.75" BPEL X 5.25 EG Goals- 8.5BPEL X 6.00 EG

Leave all the devices on the shelf until you get the jelqing down, this is the most basic method to get used to everything and you should see some results. There is no need to dive off into devices until your dick is more conditioned. Learn how to jelq properly, here is a good jelq link, go slow and steady.

How to Jelq


Thanks for the advice folks. Keep em coming. I’m gonna go apply that newbie routine now. I’ll be back soon to check on further comments.

Go grasshopper, see what lies ahead :)

Hmmm. Not seeing enough responses here. Oh well. Here’s a question for ya.

Penis plus or phallosan?? Any ideas between the two? I don’t want to cut off circulation with the PP, But how bout the “condom” on the Phallosan? Does it tend to slip off or anything like that?

Plus, I took a trip to the Jelq tool website. Looks really cool, anybody here used it? How did u like it? notice a good pump from it?

Let me know guys. thanks

Oh, just a few :) Try the search button up top on right, here is what I found by using it, give it a shot, it’s not too tricky. I have one and found it to be useless, I can get more pressure with my hands, and it doesn’t grip the CC chambers as it should.



Why don’t you just use your hands until you become more educated?

>Penis plus or phallosan?? Any ideas between the two? <

How about neither? Here’s a thought for you which could be wrong. With hanging people have to up the weight after a while because the penis becomes accostomed and resistent. With an ADS device the pull is slight in comparison to hanging but it is consistent. What would you expect the reaction of your penis be to a consistent force working against it for hours a day?

I’ve used a pretty serious ADS device before, as a test I used it for 1 month without any other form of PE. Being a fairly easy gainer I figured I might get something out of it. I didn’t. Hardly conclusive but a small test.

What we do know about these ADS devices is that on their own they are somewhere between extremely slow and innefective. Their main use is always stated as keeping the penis extended for long period after a workout to maximise gains but I’ve yet to read a convincing case of someone who has added ADS to their routine and seen a growth spurt.

>Plus, I took a trip to the Jelq tool website. Looks really cool, anybody here used it? How did u like it? notice a good pump from it?<

The jelq device/powerjelq is a piece of crap. It compresses the dorsal nerve allowing for a nice possibility of numbness. It pancakes the penis along its length, which might not be considered too terribly bad, in a tenderising sense, but its always working the same place, it’s very hard to use it at different angles around the circumference of the penis.

Add to that the fact that when the deivce has been used for a month or two the rivits will loosen enough to allow the rollers to fall off mid stroke and you have a potentialy very scarring product and this has been reported here before.

Is that the kind of response you were looking for?

Yeah, thanks for the replies guys. that offers a little insight. Although, I was hoping for a little more positive news, but I guess that’s the way it goes. But, again…thanks.

You didn’t think the gift of a 9x7 penis would come easily, did you? :)


Start 6/13/04: 6.0 BPEL x 5.125 EG (midshaft) Current 10/17/04: 6.938 BPEL x 5.625 EG (midshaft) Come on 7! Disclaimer: I'm not an advanced member, but my member is advancing. ;)

I agree you should concentrate on manual stretching and jelqing, it’s free.

Also I think the best attitude to have about PEing is to be grateful of gains, not demanding.

This is my 4 week - I started @ 6” long 4.5”girth and 4” head - today after PE I now have 6.75” length 4.5” girth and 4.25” head girth!!! not much you say well - 4 weeks!!!!!! and how would I have had those extra inches otherwise, guys take your time it will pay off, I am now looking forward to next month! Im going to up my PE workout now I think unless someone should advice me to carry on as normal for a while?!?!?!?


What you’re doing is already working well. I wouldn’t change a thing until your gains stop. There’s no need to up the routine right now.


Measuring directly after your session is only measuring temporary gains. Take 2 days off before measuring to get a stable measurement.

If your routine is working its probably best to stick with it, you need to leave yourself options for when it stops working.

Remember that a number of people get quick initial gains but these are short lived. You will find your progress slows and it’s important to carry on through that (unless you’ve reached your goal and cemented your gains).

yes but I have measured every time after PE. and it has grown!!!! so what you say is not true, its been 4 weeks and if what I have achieved stays then I now have 3/4” more than before

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