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What exercises to do with limited resources?

What exercises to do with limited resources?

Do these exercises work without aplying a heat pad? I do alot of manual stretching at work in the bathroom whenever I get a chance but is it a must that you apply heat? Also how do you do dry jelq and what is it good for? I’m already 7 inches and have been told I’m thick by a few girls but I wanna gain length.

There have been many debates in the past concerning the benefits of heat. I am personally a firm believer that you will gain faster with a proper warm up of at least 5 minutes with as much heat as is comfortable.

There are several good ways to warm up with out a heating pad. If you are restricted to the bathroom you can use a wash cloth soaked in hot water. If you have a microwave handy, you can make and use a rice sock. Fill a large tube sock about 2/3 of the way up with rice, tie it off and microwave for about a minute.

Jelq is good for both length and girth. If you click the link at the top of this forum you will find a full description.


Here is a link that gives a written and visual description on the dry jelq. You can find several other exercise descriptions just like this in the Tutorial Forum.

Dry Jelq - Step by Step

I’d suggest you to use heat, at least in the beginning, as a precautionary measure.

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