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What exactly to measure before starting

What exactly to measure before starting

Hey, sorry for another n00b topic.but I’m just planning on getting everything together soon and figured I’d make sure I have it right.

As of now I have measured and recorded;


Anything else I should try measuring and then recording after every few weeks (when looking for improvements)?

Some people would argue you should measure BPFSL and NBPEL (if you are thinking about losing or gaining weight) as well ;)


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Thanks for the quick reply, how exactly do I measure NBPEL? Just start measuring about a centimeter from the base or ??

And for the BPFSL, I’m assuming that’s where I pull it/stretch it out as far as I can and then measure?

Seems good to me. Just remember where you are taking your girth measurement whether it is the base, middle, or glands. If you really are feeling adventurous it might be neat to take all 3 so when you get your gains you know where exactly they are going. To each their own though. Best of luck and happy jelqing.

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Filburt, for NBPEL measure where yor dick hits your fatpad. Basically, don’t push the ruler innto the fatpad at all. This is kinda hard to explain without pictures.

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