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what exactly is uli # 3 ?

what exactly is uli # 3 ?

what exactly is uli # 3 ? I cant find it on the search… or its not well described…..



3) Beginning at the base of your penis shaft, still while in a semi-erect state,
encircle the shaft in a tight OK finger grip and move your “finger ring”

towards the meatus> ?

, engorging the shaft and the penis head.

Squeeze 5 times> for how long…?and where at the base or in the middle…. also should you hold the blood in at the base?

, let up

the pressure, and repeate this routine 10 times.
thanks… :)

“In Step #3, I don’t use a milking motion. With a 3/4 erection, no
more (for safety sake, perhaps!), slide your overhand OK sign fingers firmly
up the shaft, engorging the meatus and at least half the shaft. Hold that
position, trapping the blood, and pump you hand forward to further engorge the
head and shaft. Each pumping stroke is about 1 second, during which the
engorged section will very visably increase in size. Don’t overdo it in the
beginning. After a few weeks you can safely apply more pressure. This is
particularly effective to develop a large snake head rather quickly. In fact, you
may truly surprise yourself at the rapid growth, if you just keep the routine.

To the second question, while milking I always use the overhand grip, with
particular pressure being applied to the sides of the shaft, where I think the
greatest growth takes place.”

Johnnygate, the meatus is the head of your cock. I think Uli’s second post on that page addressed your questions that someone else had in the past. If you go back to the page and read further down the posts, you will also find where Bib got the idea for his Uli Thing.

This exercise has as many variations, or more, than jelqing does. The idea behind the exercise is to cause engorgement of the penis beyond the “normal” erection engorgement.

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