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What equipment for a beginner

What equipment for a beginner

I’m ready to really embrace an attempt at this.

Going to start with a basic stretching and jelq routine every other day in the morning (supplemented with daily light kegels)

Here’s my question: with all the abbreviations and options I’ve managed to read this forum on and off for about 10 years and I still am confused over gear.
So there are Hangers, Pumps, Vacuum Hangers, Extenders, and what else?

What is ADS?
Is vacuhanging or weight hanging better?
Is pumping alone (with routine) worth anything?

What are the reputable “brands” of each category of equipment? Bibb for hanger, JES for extender right?

It seems the extender/hanger combo with light routine work seems to be advisable from this night’s research.

I’m roughly 7x6 I’ll do specific measurements tomorrow after work. I’m interested in increasing both, it seems that’s how this thing would work anyway.

Thanks a ton in advance guys.

Been doing alot of hot yoga and I eat an incredible diet, I intend to do some interesting journaling/logging of a thorough approach your input is very appreciated.



Based on my personal experience and quite a bit of research I highly recommend the penimaster pro. You can look it up in the forums here and on other sites like MOS. I like it for its relative ease of use and overall comfort level. I’ve learned that my mind is going to look for any excuse to quit after a while of PE. So if I can make it comfortable, I can make it enjoyahle and give myself a better chance to stay with the program.

Now for that old saying about teaching someone to fish instead of giving them some fish…

You mentioned that you’ve been thinking about PE for ten years and you seem to know about some of the different approaches. I’d like to recommend that when you start to learn about one particular ‘way’ keep researching it until you are certain you know as much as you need to know in order to make a decision about whether or not you use it. Otherwise, you learn a little about everything and nothing about anything all at the same time. Best of luck to you!


What kind of results have you seen with the PenimasterPro thus far? I’ve been wearing the device consistently, several hours a day for over a month with no measurable results just yet.

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After having read about everything on this forum (well, not really, but many many posts anyway), I am convinced that nothing beats manual exercises. It is a relative truth: doesn’t stand for 100% of people, but for the majority, yes.

Another thing I have noticed is that buying one thing leads to buying something else, and after a while some people have spent a good amount of money on similar commercial devices without even coming to be able to perform in an acceptable form the holy grail of PE : which is jelqing.

So, instead than wondering what you should buy - and before you older fellows start advising this product or this other - just stay on a very basic manual routine. There is only one guy I have ever seen giving proof of having added 60% more length to his penis, and this guy used nothing else than his hands.

Equipment for a beginner?

Your hands and your brain.

Do three months of a hands only Newbie Routine. Then you can think about using devices after that.

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine
NEW newbie + advanced routine

Way too easy to hurt yourself with devices until you have learned about your penis with the Newbie Routine.

While you are doing the newbie routine you can read the forum and research about devices.

Excellent threads for newbies here:

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

I am with the folks who recommend the hands only approach. If anything, it’s the cheaper way.

The other thing is consistency. Let’s be honest - we would all be happy if there really existed magic penis pills or extenders that increase your dick in a week. The truth is, no matter the way you go and the routine you decide for, the real results will show after a month of consistent exercise. And there are a lot of guys who try manual stuff for three weeks, then see a thread about hanging or pumping that gave the poster gains, so they decide “fuck this manual stuff, I need to hang/pump for gains”. But each one of us is individual. For some pumping or hanging will do wonders, for others it will do absolutely nothing.

But I guarantee you one thing - if you do PE your whole life, your hands will suffice. You just need to find the correct combination of exercises and rest time that will produce gains. Now for the cold shower - even when you find it, after a while you will need to change it, because the penis, like the rest of your body, has an amazing ability to adapt.

So the trick is to listen to your penis.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Growing 09,

I started a little over a month ago and I haven’t measured yet to be honest. I’m tempted but I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before I do. I have noticed that my flaccid is hanging somewhat better though. Sorry you haven’t seen any results, have you gotten better EQ?

Guys respect the topic please. If you want to speak about a specific device start another thread.

I believe the topic is “what device for a beginner”. We are talking about a device, and its potential effectiveness. Now if the topic was “should I use a device as a beginner or do manual exercises?”, you would be right on point.

With all due respect, I gave my recommendation and more importantly I suggested that he would be better off taking a more thorough approach to doing his own research.

A question for you going forward. So if someone ends up recommending a nother device, what happens next? Can we discuss it in an attempt to learn more about it?

I am with Marinera, sta-kool and Chicken on this one. Use your hands for 3 months and then if you want to buy something you may have a lot better conditioning to use it and you may find that it is all you need. Don’t waste the time with advanced PE without using the basics for a time. Good luck! Stay safe and don’t injure yourself trying too hard.

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Originally Posted by Ram42

With all due respect, I gave my recommendation and more importantly I suggested that he would be better off taking a more thorough approach to doing his own research.

A question for you going forward. So if someone ends up recommending a nother device, what happens next? Can we discuss it in an attempt to learn more about it?

No, of course everybody can post everything about any PE devices, all in one thread, expecially in the newbie section. We have the other sections for no reasons didn’t you know?

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