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What does what???

What does what???

Okay, I’m a bit confused here…what exactly does what as far as length/girth. I had always thought jelqing was more of a length exercise, due to the forcing of blood and the hand motion. I assumed it would stretch the muscles longways. But I keep seeing posts about it being a girth exercise. Is manual stretching going to add length over time, or do I need to incorporate something else for length gains??

I’m not interested in hanging at this time, I’d prefer something I can do on my own, if possible. No contraption for the captain just yet.

Without going the route of hanging, doing manual stretches and V-stretches are the way to go, if you want length.

Jelqing helps in both girth and length. Jelqing at 70-80% erect, puts more focus on girth, while jelqing 50% erect puts emphasis on length.

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