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What does this mean

What does this mean

I don’t really know what to take from this, but the other night I was you know having sex with my girl friend and being the stud that I am I shot off before she was done (again). Well she kept on bouncing away on it but eventually I became totally flaccid, but she kept going for a while and eventually she ended up cumming pretty damn hard. Has this ever happened to somebody else? Are we wasting our time?

By wasting our time I mean.if a totally flaccid penis can give a woman an bigger really gonna make a difference? Not that I’m stopping

Lol. I think everyone accepts the old ‘it’s the motion of the ocean’ thing, but the visual is part of sex as much as the sensory or imaginationary. A big, hard, pulsing cock is quite a turn on for them, believe. Not only that, but it’s a personal confidence booster as well. Those I think, as well as the improved penile health (hence Penis Enhancement), are the main logical motives to PE.

Of course, as with the logical, there is the emotional but I am no psychologist and hasten to describe them. :)

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Not usually, she was just really turned on…basically you lucked out!

Don’t count on luck, learn self control.

Practice edging.

Learn when you are getting close to slow it down until you regain control.

If she is real close, and so are you…trying pushing in all the way and just rock, not thrust…it can put her over without giving you a lot of stimulation.

I general, I wait until my gal has cum at least once before I let myself get beyond the point of no return.

If she goes wild on top…you won’t be able to control that…she’ll put you right over.

Try putting her under you until she cums at least once, if you can manage and she’s willing. That way you can control YOUR pace.

In that position, if you get too close, go to the fully in, rocking without thrusting method…it will make her cum while you minimize your stimulation.

You will find that if you get close a few times and let yourself settle down, you will lose some of the sensitivity and will last longer.

Don’t forget…practice edging, get close, slow down, settle down, then get close again…repeat cycle as many times as you can. It’ll teach you self control.

Learning to fuck the daylights out of a women is in some ways better than a big dick…the best is BOTH! :)

If you can fuck her into outer space WITH a big dick…you will turn her into your stalker!!!

Good luck!

Originally Posted by wannabe190
Are we wasting our time?

How so? You came didn’t you?

Where do you guys get to believe sex is about being some sort of performing seal?

It’s like going to the gym and spending the night holding the bar for someone and not thinking you’ve worked out unless they’ve grunted their way thru something.

It is possible that when you became small, and flaccid, you were hitting her G-Spot, which is very shallow.

Perhaps she was so into it, she came?

A number of reasons for this.

She came, so, good on ya.

A couple of things…

- If she was on top and you were flaccid, chances are she was grinding her clit on your pubic bone.

- Whenever I ejaculate in my wife’s pussy, this drives her over the edge. Not due to the physical aspect, but the emotional.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

Wannabee wot exactly do you mean by rocking rather than thrusting?

I think I read a post from Zaneblue a while back about her liking to masturbate with the equivalent of a flaccid penis, it got her off good!


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