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What does she say

What does she say

If you pose the question in a way that doesn’t implicate her she may tell you the truth. I said to my girlfriend “What if I were to have penis enlargement surgery what would you want me to say to the doctor?” At first it was I love you just the way you are and all of that bull. After a little time she told me 8 inches is what she liked. Unfortunately I only have 7. She said my girth was fine at 5.25 but I’m a little skeptical. Now I have a new goal.

Most women like big penis, again most of them are happy with average sized penis. You also may tell her after penis surgery your penis will forever lose its ability to stand up while erect.

Most women I have encountered are scared of anything bigger than 8 x 6. Anything larger than that and it will just be painful until they stretch out a bit.

Also, while the length of the vagina is only about 6 inches while resting, it can stretch a few inches. An 8x6 dick will fill or bottom out in most girls.

Also note that the “g spot” is only about 3-4 inches deep, although from what I hear it is quite pleasurable to be “full”.

Girth on the other hand is almost always desirable. The vagina can open very wide when a woman is aroused. But even then, most women max out at 6.5 to 7 inch girth, which is quite big.

While a big penis can be fun, in most cases a slightly above average penis ( 5 x 6 ) piloted well is more than enough to keep a woman satisfied.

A well trained tongue doesn’t hurt either. Whatever you size, don’t forget to use your entire arsenal. I’ve known my wife for 10 years, and she still loves it when I put my face in the place to save my grace.


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