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What do you think?

What do you think?

What do you think about finding a strip of freshly used bc pills in your gf flat when she tells you that she hasn’t used them for ages, and doesn’t let you “complete” the intercourse? I am a little bit worried and confused since I have never been in this situation before and never had any reason to suspect anything. Should I talk to her or just walk away?

How do you know they’re “freshly used?”

They were used on that same day. They were in place were all basic and frequently used medicine were stored. And according to the expiration date they couldn’t have been bought more than 8 months ago.

I wouldn’t mention anything about finding the birth control pills. Buy some condoms and see what she says. Maybe she just started the pills and was going to surprise you.

I would forget about it and go about your usual routine. It’s not good to dig deep into things.
If you two are very close and you want to ask, then ask. Just don’t let it bother you and keep you from saying something about it.

Just like when I had been with my current wife for over a year, and I found a guy’s phone # in her jacket pocket. I knew she hadn’t used the jacket in a year, but it still bothered the hell out of me until I asked who he was, etc.

About the pill strip being freshly used and stuff, you never know. Maybe she thought she might get pregnant “the morning after” and the doctor
prescribed these as a preventative measure. Do you two not use condoms?

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No condoms for a while. Besides being worried that I have been cheated on, I love her very much and trusted her all the time, I am also worried that that I might get something (pills=no condom=maybe a long cheating streak). Also those weren’t morning-after pills.

Just about any estrogen-containing birth control pill can be used for emergency post-intercourse contraception as long as they are taken within 48 hours. Takes a big dose. It works, and is commonly prescribed.

Listen to bh21460.

Sounds like time for a talk with your girlfriend. Try to stay relaxed and don’t over-react.


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