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What do you think of this

What do you think of this

I’ve decided to try an experiment.I don’t know if this has been discussed here or not.I have a LOT of 7:00 but still wonder whether I might have some lig potential.So what I’ve decided to do is hang SD for an hr. In the morning then hang SO for an hr. In evening(maybe 10 or 12 hrs. Apart.)Then slowly increase sets.Does anyone see a problem with this or should I give it a shot?Seems to me I’ll be covering both bases this way.

Did you do the newbie routine for 3 consistent months? Your join date says you didn’t. Hanging is an advanced exercise and shouldn’t be performed by newbies.

Forget all about the LOT theory. It is just a theory, why would you let your PE journey fuck it up?

Thanks guys.I really appreciate your input.For the last year or so I’ve done some very sporadic PE.Some jelqing and a couple months of hanging SD and BTC.Problem is I never stuck it out long enough to realize any real results.I’m sure you are correct in suggesting the newbie routine as the safest approach. Guess I’m a bit impatient as I’m in my 40’s now.Anyway ,will try to show some control and take things slowly.Thanks again!JD


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