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What do you think of this routine?

What do you think of this routine?

I’ve been PEing for a month now. Since I got rid of my erection problems as well as conditioned my penis a little bit I decided to put a bit more in my routine. I’d like to concentrate on length for now. I’ve read quite a lot of interesting threads, and decided to try something like this:

-Warm up
-2 x 60s Stretches(1 x SO, and 1 x up)
-Warm up
-100 Jelqs(5 second strokes) with moderate-high pressure
-Warm up
-5 x 60s Stretches(2 x SO, and 3 x up)
-Warm up
-excersises concentrating on penile health and restoring proper blood flow(very light jelqs and/or edgeing)

100 x 3s Kegels
pisspuls consisting of 30s SO stretch and 30s up stretch
no days off in the routine, but I’m gonna closely watch my EQ and take days off as needed(Sparkyx idea)

and then I’d like to work the routine up to double the times/amounts I listed. That would total at 14 minutes of stretching and 200 jelqs + piss pulls.

The idea behind the routine is as simple - if the tunica consists of fibers oriented as Ticktickticker says in this thread - Optimizing PE considering tunica structure - it might be beneficial to do something like that:
-first stretch the fibers parallel to the shaft enough to get small temporary gain so that they wouldn’t constrict length expansion of the tunica during jelqs(first part of stretching)
-then stretch the tunica with jelqs, while it’s girth is still limited by unstretched fibers perpendicular to the shaft meaning the gain should be directed towards length a bit more then girth
-then stretch parallel fibers even more, which should be possible since the “mesh fibers”(form the picture in ttts thread) should be stretched by jelqs and therefore not as constricting as before.
-keep penis healthy and restore the blood flow

And even if the whole ‘tunica fibers’ idea is a miss 14 minutes of stretching and 200 jelqs should be a good length workout, right?

What are your thoughts on this routine?

Choosing a routine is a very personal thing. One, you bring your own tissue chemistry to PE, and two your routine has to be interesting enough to you for you to stay motivated and continue. Plus, some of us are faster gainers than others.

A lot of us have found that frequent heat helps. I see you’ve worked that in.

I did well on just a few minutes of manual stretching each time, but I am a pumper and probably got a good deal of stretching from multiple sets of that.

With Jelqing, you will condition yourself faster if you start out modestly and add only 5 or so strokes a day. Very soon you should be up to hundreds without tiring out your cock.

Let us know how it goes.



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