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What do you think of my routine

What do you think of my routine

I’ve been on and off PE and I don’t really know if I’ve gained anything from it since I’ve never measured periodically. I do it mainly for the short-term EQ and growth.

Routine (2 days work, 1 day rest)

5-8 minutes of warming. (Hot wrap)
1 stretching of 30 seconds -> down, left, right, up, helicopter or whatever is that called haha. No rest between them
220 wet jelq without pause (except from re-lubricating) some kegels now and then while doing them.
8-10 minutes of warming. (Hot wrap)

Thing is I want to have a consistent training from now focusing on long term length and girth gain and I will start to measure and keep a gain log.

1) What do you guys think of my routine?
2) is 1 stretching of 30s in each direction enough?
3) I’ve been around 200-220 wet jelqs for a long time, should I go up?
4) how’s Aloe Vera gel as a lubricant?
5) should I include Sadsak squeezes? I’d like to help my head grow.

That is more or less the newbie routine, it should be fine. A lot of your questions are covered in that thread. Hold off of the squeezes until you are confident your unit is conditioned - at least one month on the newbie routine.

01/08/12 BPEL = 7.2 EG = 5.25

01/09/12 BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5.5

Goal BPEL = 8 EG = 6 and a fat flacid!

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