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What do you suggest

What do you suggest

Hey guys, I wanted to get into PE and I’ve been reading around a bit to get some tips.

I’m 18, 3inch soft 5ISH hard (small I know). My ball sack is pretty big though.

Sometime I even find it hard to get fully erect and it’s semi most of the time when I’m about to have sex.

I don’t eat that healthy, and I’m going to start working out next month.

I think my penis use to be bigger and it shrunk if that’s possible?

I have sex about 3-4times a week with my girlfriend, and jack off every night.

She has said stuff about my dick being small and I want to please her.

How do I know if I’m stretching / jelqing properly? And once I’m satisfied with

My length/girth and I stop PE do I begin to lose the gains?

Sorry for so many questions, thanks for the help!

Also when I’m warming up is my penis suppose to be completely soft or semi hard? Cause I have a problem with keeping it errect with hot water wrapped around it

Originally Posted by Xleryo
Hey guys, I wanted to get into PE and I’ve been reading around a bit to get some tips.

Read a bit more and you will be able to find answers to all your questions. It sounds like you read “The Krod Pics Thread” and now you have a billion questions in mind (at least that’s what i did) :D . Read, read and read some more.

PE works. It takes time and consistancy, good luck!

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You might try restraining from orgasm, or masturbation all together. Eating healthier should also help, but that is really a lifestyle choice. Many people choose taste, price, and convenience over nutrition.

I’d stop jacking off. It will give your orgasms more oomph, but it may also be desensitizing your penis for sex. There is such a thing as overworking your sex drive. Also, try different positions during sex. Having a dick you perceive as small doesn’t mean you can pleasure your woman. Working out is just good in general. Good luck with your PE.

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Exercise, nutrition both very good.concentrate on your gf and her body making her feel amazing every time you take her to the bedroom, from head to toe, leave no stone unturned no inch untouched and don’t worry about your size for now, start your PE exercises get your gains in the long term then you can focus on cementing those gains.and yes I would slow down on the masturbation as well.

Good luck

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If you can whack off everyday, you can do the newbie routine! :)

Also eat healthy, and stop putting it off to next month and start working out now.

Other than that, welcome aboard and enjoy your gains when you get them.

I would ponder if it is the case to change gf too, but that’s just me.

Dude !!!
I am seeing an opportunity for lifestyle upgrade here.

Eating healthy and working out will help in every facet of your life. You don’t need to be a fanatic … just be sensible. Start with some basic stuff like steadily eliminating foods that come in a plastic wrapper or have a shelf life of more than 10 days.
Hit the gym a few times a week. I am guessing that you are fairly young. Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t get easier as you get older … so get into the right habits now.

Read a LOT more about PE … begin with the assumption that it works (because it does) and move on to the understanding that it is a highly personal thing. There are some basic concepts but unfortunately in the end you need to figure out what works for you.

As for specific advice … do the newbie routine for 3 months. Do it consistently and diligently. Take it seriously and you will see an impact.

As for your girlfriend … she pisses me off … I don’t know what “stuff” she has said about your dick size … whether it was a direct comment or something that was implied … regardless though, it is not something that you should have to put up with. I can say without reservation that no man deserves to endure that sort of inconsiderate behavior. I assure you that her lack of tact says far more about her than it does about you.

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