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What do you say to yourself while or after workout

What do you say to yourself while or after workout

I say “Nice big cock” hehehe :D ;)

(If it’s not, it’s a sign to rest for a few days)

I try not to talk to myself out loud. People might hear it and think I’m a bit :-s . But I do love the way my unit hangs after a workout. Especially now I have my IR lamp.

19th Feb 2012

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Sure, you can say it silently (in your head). Ah well.

I like to imagine the expression of agonizing joy to be bestowed on my woman’s face as she discovers my latest gains.

I like to make small talk with myself while I PE. Local news.. weather.. maybe talk about a movie I saw the other night.

HAHA No, but it all seriousness, we all have different ways to keep ourself motivated. i watch porn and aspire to have a dong as big as some of the guys banging beautiful chicks. This forum keeps me motivated as well.

Haha, I love your style man.

Btw, I stole my phrase from “Fight Club”. But still I don’t understand what’s with all those Brad Pitt avatars. Was gonna make a topic about it, but wehehe, whatever.

“don’t get too big, coz i wont be able to shrink ya down later”

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