What do you guys wrap your Glans with to prevent Blisters

I have been doing PE ON/OFF for 9 yrs. And have gained 3/4inch in BPEL and 1/4inch in erect girth. I mainly just pumped about 3-4x/wk and some occasional jelqing and bib hanging (even more rare). I decided that NOW is the time for me to GET SERIOUS.

I have decided to do ALL DAY STEALTH STRETCHING. I bought a VAC ADS and my first day I did not wrap my glans and got an awful blister (actually 2 bad blisters) that is just now almost healed (took almost 2 weeks). I reckon that my problem was that I did not wrap my glans.

What do you guys recommend that I wrap my glans with. I was thinking of using a baby sock and cover my penis head and then applying the VAC ADS. I don’t know if I want to use TAPE as that will hurt like hell coming off each time that I need to pee.


2000: 6 3/4inches BPEL. 5.5inches EG

2009: 7 1/2inches BPEL. 5.75inches EG